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  1. Has this issue been resolved? I'm currently experiencing this issue.
  2. They are situated right over the turn signal, and have some grooves on them. No idea what they are.
  3. This should work even without a fake trailer. Normal everyday driving should have the most visibility around the truck as possible.
  4. Hey GM! If you're listening. It would be swell if you could make this a possibility on the 2019 trucks.
  5. Really, really sharp! Congratulations!
  6. Just bought a 2019 Sierra Denali Ultimate. 1,500 mile demo. $67,935 MSRP. Paid $53,500 + TTL. Pretty happy.
  7. 2019 Sierra Denali Ultimates used to be delivered with the Q7L wheel. Does anyone know if dealers might have stocks of these in Parts, where if someone wanted those wheels on a 2020 Denali instead of the newer (SMF) wheel? I feel like the Q7L looks SO much better.
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