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  1. The trailer vary so much in weight, I am currently using a 1998 Chevy 2500 5.7L and have not had any issue pulling any of them. I think my biggest question is it worth it make sure I get the newer 10 speed transmission or is the 8 speed from the 2014-2018 ok, it seems the 14-18 8 speed has issues.
  2. I am looking to purchase a truck, I am looking at a 2019 Sierra or Silverado 1500 with a 6.2l with 10-speed auto transmission. It will be my daily driver however I use it from time to time to pull enclosed trailers loaded with furniture for when I am cleaning out estates. The trailers I would be pulling range from 12' to 26' enclosed. I mostly would be pulling 16' or 20' foot trailers the most, the 26' I would not use much. I have also thought about a 2014-2018 1500 with a 6.2l, I think my biggest fear is a get a truck and it can't do what I need it to do. Thoughts?
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