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  1. Curious if anyone has sent out their computer to be unlocked and had their truck tuned? Looking to see what the l84 can do?
  2. They said I only had until 8k to notice it for warranty. They checked the alignment and toe was out on both side. Cost me 80 bucks
  3. I also have a leaker. 25k and haven even had her for a whole year. Feel like this is getting ridicules way to fast. Bad factory alignment and now a leaking pinion seal.
  4. Had mine at the dealer on February 22 to have the alignment checked because of abnormal tire wear. I mentioned the brakes are squealing. They came back and said that the rear rotors are scored and they could resurface them for 150 some dollars. Looked at them when I got home and they looked normal to me. This is the most annoying bs
  5. My 5.3 l84 also makes this noise. Any one know where this pcv pipe is located.
  6. Anyone developing tire cupping on inside of front tires. Going to the dealership Saturday to have them check the alignment and tire balances. Could it be a bad strut? Any opinions on the Rancho's?
  7. I think I'm having the same issue. Tire noise seems to be getting louder. The driver front tire is getting some feathering or chop. Every other inner tread is hi then low.
  8. Anyone's trans seem like it takes forever to warm up? I barely hit 130 after hitting 15 miles. 10 of witch are highway at 70 mph.
  9. I have the same sound occasionally. Sounds like engine misfire to me
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