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  1. Well got a call back today at 5 o'clock and guess what. We can't duplicate the condition. You'll have to come take a ride with the technician.
  2. Brought my truck back to the dealer on the 30th. Called them the next day and they haven't looked at it yet. Today will be the 4th day. Wondering what is going on.
  3. Just had my fluid changed yesterday. Although it looks like they've done nothing under the truck. There are still dirty water stains around the trans oil cooler pipe block and the level set plug. Guess they didn't spill one drop of fluid doing this and didn't have to wipe any thing up. Not to mention they only put 3 miles on the vehicle. How long would it take to warm up to a range of 122-158f just idling. So on my 28 mile ride home the trans is doing the exact same thing.
  4. I have this same vibration. Sounds like a rumble strip as stated earlier. I can duplicate it using cruise control around 45 50 55. It comes and goes. Also notice small tach fluctuations. This is a trailboss lt l84 8 speed.
  5. Not here. Getting 17 -18 arount town and just about 22 on highway. Lt trailboss. Loose the lead foot.
  6. Anyone install an oil catch can system?
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