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  1. Bringing this back up for a follow up question. Will the truck go into ad-hoc regen on very long downhill runs like through the mountains? I smelled a little bit of smell on the first regen that smells somewhat alarming...almost like electrical components overheating much less than exhuast or brakes or something like that. I dismissed it as regen. BUT....on a recent 2500 mile round trip I could tell when the truck was in regen on flat ground and never smelled anything in the cabin like i did on the first regen, however when the truck would go downhill for extended periods of time the smell (again best described as electrical fire) was VERY pronounced. and would go away immediately following the decent, almost as if it wasn't really in regen at all. thoughts? **edit** downhill runs were not in tow mode so it wasn't jake brake, and my application of brakes was sparing at best, they were not hot esp with air temps in the 20's and 30's.
  2. Bringing this back up to make sure I understand correctly. you're pulling anything below 150hz or 300hz out of the front 6x9's to clean up the front stage mids and highs but the rear door 6.5's and the center Bose sub are still operating down below that level to adequately supply mid bass frequencies to the total stound stage correct? I bought these to install when I do a t-harness and aftermarket amp / sub install in the back but I don't intend on running my sub above maybe 60hz and want to make sure there's not a hole left in the soundstage after I install them. Thanks,
  3. Would you guys mind showing where you mounted your bass knobs and how you best routed the wires to get it there? on my 08 I had it in the center console open area right in front of the cup holders but I had the whole interior apart already and it wasn’t much effort to run. I’m thinking since I will have the passenger side panels pulled to run power wire I may run the cable for the bass knob back up that path and just try to find a spot under the dash for it. Would love to see what others have come up with. Installing a rather modest supplement to the Bose in my ‘21 Sierra this weekend and can’t wait for the results: john’s plug and play harness pac LOC audiocontrol EQS Sundown SAE-600d Sundown SD3 10 Crossovers (bass blockers) in drivers doors.
  4. appreciate the feedback here. Thanks for the input.
  5. I need some input on a new truck purchase. Currently I have a 2007 Sierra SLT with a 6.0L (LY6) and 4l60. I've towed for years with this thing towing race cars on open trailers and it tows perfectly fine at 80 mph without a ton of drama. This year I started towing a smaller, enclosed trailer but the trailer has 7' 6" interior height with an air conditioner on top of it and it's an absolute parachute behind the truck. The truck tows perfectly fine at 70-ish mph but when you get to 75-80 mph it wants to constantly run in 3rd gear and when it's in top gear it is nearly impossible for it to get into converter lock. The thing has 250k miles on it and this is pretty much the last straw for it so I'm searching for new trucks. Trailer weight fully loaded is only 2200 or so lbs so it's not heavy, it's just horribly inefficient from an aero standpoint. Will the modern 8 and or 10 speeds resolve my issues and just lock in in a gear that won't be 3500rpm +? I tend to think the 5.3 with the 8 speed or 10 speed would have enough variables in the gearing to overcome the aero drag issue I'm dealing with, but I wouldn't be opposed to the 6.2 if it's absolutely necessary. So back to the original question. Give me your towing experiences at 80mph with the new trucks. This is pretty much #1 factor in what truck I'll decide to go with.
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