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  1. So when I got home the next day the driveway was clear of snow and I held the brakes and gave it some gas...the rear end locked in like it was supposed to everytime I did it. I'm confused and at the point of trading this thing in because I thought this was yet again another problem. Thoughts?
  2. Kind of stupid but I was pulling forward in the driveway with some snow and I was expecting the G80 locker to clunk in and then have both wheels spin at the same speed. Just my luck though there was a continous banging instead. Traction control was off and so was stabilitrack. You can hear it pretty good in the video, was it at the sweet spot of 100ish rpms and that's why it was locking and unlocking?? Rear end5.mp4
  3. I have another question because blackbear has yet to respond to me...will I need a retune after removing the catch can and putting the stock pcv back on? My gut tells me no because the pcv system never went away completely it was just filtered with the can. But what do you guys think?
  4. Yea I wish I would've had some sort of warning sign because it hasn't been running any different that's why I was so surprised when I saw all that oil in my driveway. So when I went to the dealer today to take some pictures the service manager told me they just recently had a customer with a Z06 vette that the same exact thing happened to him because of a catch can. But aftermarket aside he said there's been a lot of customers with equinoxes and Acadias etc that are bone stock having problems with the rear main seals this winter. It's been pretty brutal lately up here in upstate NY
  5. If the catch can wasn't the cause I truly have no idea what it would've been. I baby the crap out of this thing. Im even stuck in the old mindset of changing the oil every 3,000 miles. Sad to say after being a GM guy my whole life that this just might be the last gm I ever buy. It just seems like the the execution of so many categories was missed on these trucks.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking with removing all aftermarket stuff before going to a dealer
  7. I can only go off what the dealer claims the cause was and according to them the cause was the catch can collecting moister and freezing the pcv line. Which over pressurized the crank case and blew the rear main. If this is true or not I don't know I'm just posting how I installed my can to see what people think
  8. Here's some better routing pictures for everyone to see to prove that I installed everything correctly.
  9. This is me being very blunt after dealing with all this it's not worth the trouble having the catch can. From this point on I'll stick with a cold air intake, cat back and tune anything isn't worth the hassle
  10. I can't take any pictures of it currently because it's at the dealer but yes the arrow on the check valve was pointed away from the can and I did install a clean side separator
  11. Here's an example..this is from a VW forum this guy had the exact same problem as me. Blown rear main seal and the cause ended up being a frozen/plugged catch can hose
  12. I was really good about cleaning my catch can too I did it every 3,000 miles and currently it has almost exactly 2,000 since I did it last. As far as the check valve it and everything on the system was installed correctly. I'm too anal to over look something like that.
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