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  1. Does anyone knowing the integrated trailer Braking can be added?
  2. Called my local rear end place. They want 2400 to swap everything to a 3.42 or 3.73. We have a place local that scraps newer GM vehicles. They have a 2017 3.73 with 20k miles on it that I can get complete rear end assembly and front Differential assembly for 1600. Think I'm going to go that route. Swap everything in a day.
  3. Hey guys, what's everyone been paying for a regear. I have the shitty 3.08 (G80)gear in mine. Looking to buy a camper and it will be pushing my towing capacity to the max. Looking to go with either the 3.42 or 3.73.
  4. Still have this clunk and cant figure it out its driving me nuts. Some days it doesnt do it some days it does it all the time. I suspect its something in the right side as I hit a buno the other day with the right front tire and it made the same noise. Going to Jack it up this weekend check all the ball joints , re-torque everything down and toss a new set of sway bar links on it.
  5. Might have to look for a set of factory 20s
  6. I have stock 18's wonder if that would be an issue with any rubbing. Not really wanting to buy new wheel. Really love the way yours sits and would like to duplicate it with my factory wheels.
  7. What lift are you running. Truck looks great. Exact stance I'm looking for.
  8. Anyone running a 6.5 with Stock wheel fitment on 35's. Looking to remove my RC 3.5 this fall and go with a true lift kit. Looking at the Zone 6.5 since it's the same price as the 4.5 but I do not want the tires sticking outside the fenders. Pics would be great.
  9. Its def weird. I sprayed the bushings on the upper control arm with some wd40 and it went away for a few days. It started making a clunk when turning at low speeds too. Nothing I can feel in the steering wheel just a noise. Going to lube the bushing again and see if it all goes away. This should narrow it down.
  10. Help!!! Ok guys so I have a 14 Silverado Z71. Currently has the RC 3.5 Level kit on it. I've had it for about 30k miles and has been good so far. Took it in for a front end alignment few weeks back and they said I had some play in the lower ball joints. Replaced them and took it in for the alignment. Few miles after the alignment I've noticed a creaking noise when I first start rolling and when turning the wheel left and right. If i sit in one spot and turn the wheel left and right it goes away after a few cycles.
  11. I got 80k on it. Outside the 36k so they charge a diagnosis fee and I can almost promise I'll get the "tech could not duplicate". Since they charge 115 I'll just put that towards a throttle body and change it.
  12. Did you have to replace it or was it needing cleaned?
  13. I've noticed or the last few weeks that on occasion my 14 5.3 bogs down in 6th gear. It's like the engine has no power. The engine rpms start pulling down and the truck starts dropping mph. It's very noticeable. Does it in the city and on the hwy. It doesnt do it all the time. No SEL on either. Anyone else experience this?
  14. I'll let you k ow for sure. My just started out of nowhere.
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