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  1. If you research a little more, there is a tech bulletin out calling for 0w40, Mobil 0w40 esp Dexos 2 to be exact, to be used in the new vetts and back dated for previous years.
  2. I hear the same noise, I believed it to be the injectors firing. Honestly I never noticed it till I was in the truck with two other people in in and the radio was off as we we're talking. During the times of no conversation I began to notice it. It's very faint. And now that I've heard it once, it's like I hear it every time , it's very very faint and only hear if the radio is off and no one is talking.
  3. I have a question for UPR , in the single valve set up, there is a check valve in line to the pcv port. Why is the check valve needed and can it be removed, as I believe there is a check valve in the pcv valve from the factory? The 6.2l I believe there is a check valve in the pcv that you plug into. I'm not sure about the 5.3 but I would think it is the same.
  4. Is there a lower thermostat to install or a different way other than tapping and treading in a plug. I'd like to come up with something that can be easily changed or not easily detectable for any type of warranty work.
  5. Grumpy Bear, what brand thermostat are you running, I am thinking of switching to a lower thermostat than the 197. Maybe a 185 or 190.
  6. I wasn't sure if the v6 was DI or not. I see your choice of oil is high in calcium, which I thought was no no for D1G2 due to LSPI ?
  7. Grumpy Bear, is your motor and direct injection?
  8. Would you be will to share your UOA with me in a PM. I just got mine back from Blackstone and I would like to to compare your results. My silicon content was a little high as well but could be from a new motor, I'll have to see what they look like in the next UOA. Thanks
  9. If I understand correctly, it is and it isn't unlocked. It is unlocked as to the fact it can be tuned. And it isn't unlocked as it can only be tuned by Hptuners.
  10. I can't comment as to what is easy for someone else to do. I haven't removed the TCM as I'm not tuning my 2018, however if you were not able to locate the TCM it may be a difficult job.
  11. The 8l90 TCM is not in the trans, it on the fire wall, to the right of the master cylinder.
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