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  1. Cold air intake

    Would you be will to share your UOA with me in a PM. I just got mine back from Blackstone and I would like to to compare your results. My silicon content was a little high as well but could be from a new motor, I'll have to see what they look like in the next UOA. Thanks
  2. HP Tuners Unlocked TCM

    If I understand correctly, it is and it isn't unlocked. It is unlocked as to the fact it can be tuned. And it isn't unlocked as it can only be tuned by Hptuners.
  3. HP Tuners Unlocked TCM

    I can't comment as to what is easy for someone else to do. I haven't removed the TCM as I'm not tuning my 2018, however if you were not able to locate the TCM it may be a difficult job.
  4. HP Tuners Unlocked TCM

    The 8l90 TCM is not in the trans, it on the fire wall, to the right of the master cylinder.
  5. WTT 2018 Chrome Grill for Painted White

    Might help if you list what truck you have.
  6. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Okay, yea I see it now, I missed that.
  7. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I see you only have a single valve catch can, but you still connected the valve covers together instead of running them to the intake tube. I thought you could only connect the valve covers together if you were using a dual valve catch can. Also . So could you connect the valve covers together even without a catch can? Either way with or without a catch can , wouldn't that create allot more pressure and work the pcv valve more? Would that create a flow restriction due to only being able to evaluate crank case pressure through the pcv valve and nothing through the valve covers? Your picture shows the type of setup I was thinking about but I didn't see any of the manufactures of catch cans connect the valve covers using a single valve setup?
  8. Ive been following this new line of ecotec motors. I wanted to see what all changed, I was pissed when I learned the 6.2 incorporated afm, among other things. I knew the Corvette and Camaro had a lower temp thermostat, and more than likely shared the same water neck design. The 6.2 motor in the truck is pretty much the same as the Corvette and Camaro except cam, intake and vacuum pump along with some other things, but basically the same. And now I've be reading that GM has changed the recommended oil for the new Corvette and has also back specd for previous models to Mobil 0w 40 esp, not to be confused with Mobil 0w40 FS, but yet still recommend 0w20 in the truck that weighs nearly twice as much and can be put to higher oil temps in towing situations. My guess is you probably already knew that as I suspect you frequent Bob is the oil guy judging by some of your postings👍. Just a guess though 😉 Not to get off topic but I'm still undecided on what I'm going pour in the valve cover next.
  9. That's why you can't always listen to the parts people. The part number is. 12674634 it's the complete water neck with thermostat.
  10. Following, as I have some spots as well. I bought them that way. Also the spots that need touching up have ruber smeared in the scratches/ gouges from mounting the tire as it slid across the scratches. I can't get the rubber off, not sure what to use.
  11. Oil change intervals

    answer a question with a question, ha ha . there are many factors that go it to what actually makes rings seal. And I'm not going to go in to the whole thing. Let's just take it as your motor is no different then mine, or anyone elses for that fact. (Not trying to be an a... ) from the stand point that as long as it hasn't been torn down and rebuild by a reputable machine shop that understands correct cylinder finish, clearance end gap of rings ect.. ect. Now , if the motors are the same , I'm just asking as you stated you have excellent ring seal, what do you contribute to be the factor. Something you have contributed to help or improve ring seal? Or did you get a excellent built engine from the factory? I'm not trying to discredit you or anything like that, I was trying to get you to explain the dynamic of how oil plays a , notice I said a , effect in ring seal. You are much better at this internet thread typing and explaining then I am clearly.
  12. Oil change intervals

    That is very true, ring seal is a large factor. What do you contribute to be the factor in your great ring seal.
  13. The "Catch Can" Explained

    In your dual valve catch can set up without a cssy, what is the purpose of the piece that goes in the oil fil cap location. I have a Airaid MIT that already has two threaded holes just in front of the throttle body for connecting of the tubes from the valve covers. Why use a fitting in the oil fil cap if you can use one of the ports in the intake piping? Just trying to understand the difference in location. I think I want the dual valve setup, and I'm pretty sure I don't want a CSS. If the dual valve setup benefits turbo , and not much benefit for na, the. I'll probably just stick to the single valve.?
  14. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Can you explain the why you chose the location of just in front of the throttle body, vs where UPR I believe uses the oil fill location. It looks similar to a CSS but it's not. What is the difference of to locations of the 2nd valve in the dual valve catch can with out the CSS. the setup is different between upr and elite.

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