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  1. If you put it in manual shift with it set at 5 to avoid AFM did the vibrations go away or did it take the Range device to stop it?
  2. I second skipping the aftermarket replicas. If you can't find take offs on facebook marketplace or craigslist I usually point people to RPM take offs but I see they don't currently have a set! They may if you contact them however? https://www.rpmtakeoffs.com/chevy-gmc.html
  3. Did the tire pressure change on the drive to be 100% sure it wasn't still holding the pis from the signals from the old tires in the garage?
  4. Just wanted to bump this post because after 5000 miles and a few balances on my replicas I went back to stock 18" wheels and the vibes are gone! It's like a new truck. Now to decide if I put my nice tires on a crap rims on something else or just be done with them.
  5. Does anyone know if the previous gen TPMS will work pre 2019 to a 19 or are the tpms all new for 2019 on up?
  6. This is some interesting timing as I was literally looking at two separate chevy websites that show the discount breakdowns on vehicles and both of them just stopped showing the discounts. The chevy websites must auto update and be tied into a system directly. Any dealer/sales people know more info on this?
  7. Does anyone have insight into what next months or possibly Labor Day rebates will be? Last months rebates on the LT All Stars and the SLT Premium Plus models were quite a bit better than what has been offered this month by GM.
  8. I have wanted a truck again sense my 89 ranger I had in high school. Finally got a brand new truck and got to put on wheels, black bow ties, and a bed cover right away. Couldn’t be happier(well maybe if it was 6.2 but the rebates weren’t very good on an ltz) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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