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  1. I also feel like there’s an improvement with my 2015.5 Yukon. Maybe it’s still the placebo effect. Thinking about driving it for a couple of weeks then swapping the old pedal back in to see if I notice.
  2. I wonder if you could do the same with the Amazon Fire stick? I think it uses HDMI and USB for power.
  3. What’s the build date of your truck? I have a 2015.5 Yukon (6/15 build date) with the 20972082 installed. The OE pedal assembly looks to have been manufactured in early 2015. The 2336231 I just installed tonight has a manufacture date of early 2017. I’m curious if that has any bearing on things. I’ll report back with my butt dyno results, but I don’t expect to see a difference. The only other visual difference I see is this additional decal on my original pedal assembly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. The only other info I’ve been able to find on the new part number is noted in the description on GM wholesale direct website. “...2nd design...Gold connector...” Perhaps they updated the pedal position sensor.
  5. Very interesting. Did you have to shim the new pedal to prevent flexing? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. @pgamboa based on my research, it is just a junction box. A number of the instrument panel wiring harness and body wiring harness circuits connect there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Phil is correct I believe. It appears the SUVs have a more swept back windshield and A pillar. Here’s a pic of the sail piece on my DL3 Yukon mirrors (I put Esky mirrors on).
  8. I can attest to what Chris is saying. UPS was used both ways (not USPS). When I received it back from him, the lens was broken. You could tell something had been ever so gently “placed” on top of the box. The box looked a bit like an accordion on one end.
  9. I can speak to the axiom/burnish metal trim colors. The charging pad trim ring is the burnish color which, to my knowledge, is a Denali specific color and matches the rest of its metal trim. The axiom on the SLT/SLE has a more “silver” hue. Both are metal overlaid on a plastic frame. For the SUV platform (I don’t know if the trucks are the same), the Tahoe/Suburban has its own color, synthesis. It’s a darker gray/silver painted plastic.
  10. If memory serves, I’d say around 1100. That’s certainly an option where you could save money. You’ll have to make sure it’s the same year vehicle. Programming cost will most likely be higher since the cluster would be used.
  11. Sorry guys. Thought I had already posted. If I recall, I did a write up at tahoeyukon forum. You’ll need a Denali cluster programmed to your specific vehicle from GTPrix (make sure the HUD is enabled) and the HUD unit. An HUD specific cluster visor and dash trim along with the switch. Our vehicles aren’t prewired, but I can make a harness. I’d encourage you to take a look at my write up to see more details.
  12. Is there an updated wireless charging module specifically for 2018 Canyons? It may be different than the one for a full size truck/SUV. I’d grab a VIN for a 2018 Canyon with that option and see if the part number is different than the one listed for yours.

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