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  1. I know its 3 years late but if you drive the truck hard in competitive mode you will notice a significant difference in the behavior of the truck The shifting is sharper, the steering stiffens up and the engine gets more responsive and will not drop into cylinder deactivation mode. The truck will also run to its aerodynamic tops speed of about 162mph. If you just switch modes and drive normally won't notice the difference. Take the truck around a slalom course in the 2 different modes and you will notice
  2. Interesting. When I am in competitive mode the truck feels like it holds the gears longer, shifts harder and has traction control turned off. Did you buy the truck new? If not, perhaps a previous owner had the ECU accidentally down graded by update to the none PPV shift program.
  3. For replacement or to simply dechrome the truck?
  4. Made the last few cosmetic changes. LTZ rear bumper step cover. Chrome LTZ fog light eye brows and fog lights. Black anti-deer-at-night bars. LTZ front bumper valance. I think the truck now looks the part. Semi-blacked out with a touch of dazzle
  5. Yeah, the leather lays flat. The leather had that loose look before - perhaps simply due to being stored in a box. I will be replacing the drivers seat foam as it has begun to collapse under my fat arse. I would have thought the foam would hold up better over just 28000 miles, but I guess the more sit the more they flatten.
  6. A 6 month follow-up. I. LOVE. THIS . TRUCK. I like how stable and sure footed it is. No wallowing, it stops hard and it is a hoot on the freeway. The ride is harsher than an LS, LT or LTZ but I enjoy my Corvette as well so a stiffer ride does not bother me. The Katzkinz seats are comfortable and have been easy to keep clean. The fitted GM carpet has not moved or shifted or had any issues. Did I mention the brakes? Yes I did, but they are worth mentioning again. They handle multiple hard stops without fade and the "City Circuit" PPV brake pads get up to temp and bite instantly. We haven't missed the 3rd row seat - the larger flat luggage space is much more practical. The PPV steering tune is also more positive and responds better to inputs than the LT Tahoe I test drove. We finally went and did some performance testing out in the boonies - sadly we did not do the same thing before the mods, so no comparison numbers, but in its current form, for a 5300# 4 door 6 passenger SUV I think this truck hauls ass I am glad I was able to buy this PPV, and would recommend anyone else who has the chance to buy a low mileage supervisor lease return or demo unit to jump at the chance Mods are Volant cold air, Corsa touring cat back and a tank full of e85 and stock 3.08 rear gear. The runs where made in Competitive Mode i.e. Active Handling On, Traction Control Off. Conditions: Overcast 98% humidity & 78*F Best Result 6.8s 0-60 15s 1/4 mile @ 94mph - on a farm road The Numbers The Track And those are our tire marks The worst result 7.1s 0-60 10.10s 1/8 mile @ 73.8mph But you can see it is pretty consistent - these 2 1/8 mile runs are 2 of 6 that where 7.1s dead even.
  7. Please tell me more. What other than programming is missing? I got word directly from GM that it is not possible to retro fit the trailer brake controller, if this is nto the case then I am game for trying to get the controller functioning.
  8. Nice - I was stuck at the "mirrors fold but no blinkers". I ended up returning the mirrors but would be willing to buy them again if I can get the turn signals to work.
  9. PM sent. Other than the radio controls on the back of the wheel, the process is pretty much a simple parts swap the way you imagine it would be. To date only the Volant Cold Air is on, enjoying some trouble free GM warranteed miles before we abuse the truck with the blower install. Well, the PPV is also available in a high speed pursuit rated 4x4 version, but finding a low mileage almost new one may prove to be the trickiest bit of the build Yes, this turned out to be frustratingly true. I even tried to get a breakdown of all missing components but to date have not got it. A friend has suggested we try wire these controls up to a commercially available trailer brake control system, but I just ended up swapping the standard trim piece back in.
  10. Gearing is the same - well, you get max towing package option but with highway 3.08 diff. ratio. Shifting appears to be more aggressive and power steering program is more handling orientated.
  11. Well, we have made great progress with the truck. Almost all the exterior mods are done now, save for the LTZ chrome trimmed rear bumper cover (FedEx broke the last one delivered and I am waiting on a replacement), extended front lower valance trim and the front fog light chrome eyebrows. Exterior mods have been limited to chrome trim LTZ running boards, alloy 17" wheels and SS grill badge - a little hint at the coming power upgrade - either supercharger or 6.2 transplant. The rear total blacked out debadged look will stay. Interior mods are also well on their way - the remaining major hurdles are the correct component choices for managing the upgrade to IO6 popup nav & integrating the center consol controls and accessories that as yet are not wire up. Leather wheel upgrade with radio/phone controls removed. Katskins front and rear seat leather treatment, retail LTZ center console with transplanted matching wood trim. Max towing package trailer brake controls with appropriate trim panel - just need to get the option activated now. The plug is present and appears to be fully wired up. Prep for power folding mirrors with turn signal integration - the power fold works but the signals do not, so until I get that detail sorted I still have the base mirrors installed. Rear cargo cover and rear cargo net. As for the SS badge, the PPV already provides SS badge worthy handling, the idea is to back the handling up with either a supercharger on the 5.3 or a 6.2 transplant taken care of by Englandgreen here in Houston. GM really needs to sell the handling and HD upgrades of the PPV to the civilian market - there was no way I was going to buy a regular wallowy roll-over inclined SUV, but something that has the ability to safely stop and turn (and haul ass like a big super sedan ) is a different story. GM really needs to sell a proper SS handling package enhanced Tahoe - so until they do, I am happy to build my own. The badge itself is the 2010 through 2014 Camaro front SS badge and mount bracket. With a little cutting of the mount and a dab of epoxy it fits like an RPO option badge. Remote start video of the stock truck: . Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Sport installed: Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Touring muffler installed on existing Corsa system:
  12. Final followup with all 3 startup samples in one place/ I have settled on the touring muffler. Remote start video of the stock truck: . Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Sport installed: Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Touring muffler installed on existing Corsa system:
  13. Yes, $39k does sound a bit higH, but what options did you choose? Carpets and retail center console with cloth rear seat? Forward collision warning? Was it a 2016 or close out 2015 PPV? 4WD PPV or RWD? A-pillar spots or spot delete? Either way I would expect numbers closer to $37k for retail console with carpets and as low as $34k for regular console with rubber floors. I picked up my 11 month old 11,000 mile for just at $36k. This is about what new with discounts would be. Perhaps try another dealer that does bigger fleet numbers and more PPVs.
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