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  1. I'm sorry for the late reply but no the option does not come up.
  2. Thank you. I figured I would write this up after following bad advice from another site and getting the wrong switch originally.
  3. I just wanted to start this in hopes it helps someone out. I'm not sure how useful it is but still here you guys go. I know there is alot of information out there about swapping power folding mirrors , Some say just all you need is the mirrors and boom all works Some say you just need to swap the driver side switch and your all set Truck into, 2015 Tahoe LT with Memory package (A45) Parts, Driver side switch:23488411 Passenger side switch:23488406 Mirrors: Power Folding Mirrors The beginning, I oped in for the larger mirrors they sell because I came from a 2011 Tahoe and it had proper mirror sizes now to a 2015 that had car mirrors lol. The larger mirrors came with memory and puddle lights and turn signal ( Turn signals you had to wire yourself). Still the larger mirrors are the way to go. Stock VS Aftermarket Now that we got that out the way the mirrors are straight plug and play but you will need the correct driver mirror switch one with the power fold button ( 23488411) and you will also need the correct passenger window switch (23488406) as the power fold commands pass threw this switch as well. Once you swap that in you are all set and you should have fully working power folding mirrors. Any questions please leave a comment I hope this helped someone. ** remember this is the correct part number for a Tahoe with the memory package (A45) if you do not have this then your part numbers will differ** Stock on driver side aftermarket on passenger side Both side replaced
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