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  1. Yep, that is correct, I have the new, correct clock spring with continuity all the way through, the heated wire was already there, and heat even works. Tonight I swapped the right hand controls over to the old control pad and everything lit up, and the heated wheel still works. I am not sure if it was a bad module on the used wheel, or of it was just an incompatibility issue. The donor wheel came from a Denali, but the part number shows it was compatible, so I am guessing a bad module.
  2. Has anyone else done this upgrade on their 'burb? I already had radio controls, just upgraded to a steering wheel that also had heat. Heat works, but now I no longer have any lights on the steering wheel, can't control the DIC, and I am getting a LIN Bus communication error. I checked and I do have the correct LIN wire in pin #2 on the clockspring, and pin 20 on the cluster connector, and I have good continuity between the cluster pin, and the connector in the steering wheel. Only thing I can think of is the steering wheel I got has a bad LIN module? I could try pulling the heated steering wheel off, and put the old, non heated wheel on the new clockspring, but other than that does anyone have any thoughts? The only other thing I could think of is trying to grab the LIN module from the non heated wheel and try swapping that into the heated wheel, but I assumed that would loose control of the heat, not sure on that one.
  3. Awesome writeup! I had a steering wheel with radio controls already, but added a wheel with the controls and heated, but after installing I am getting no lights on the steering wheel. Heat works, and I read through this thread and just assumed I needed the lin harness from harnessdr. Ordered the harness and went to install and I already have a wire in pin 20 on the cluster, spliced anyway but still no lights and truck is still showing lost communication on lin bus. I used my Fluke to do a continuity test, and it is coming up good all the way from the steering wheel connector through to the cluster connector. I removed the splice and I am still getting a good signal, so apparently no need for the wire for my Suburban. Any thoughts on why the lights still won't work? The only other thing done differently is the Android Auto HMI and Radio module upgrade from WAMS. Obviously after that update I lost the radio controls, but all the lights still functioned, but that was the old steering wheel. The only thing left I can think of is maybe this "new" (used) steering wheel is either broken, or not compatible with the Suburban maybe?
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