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  1. I have called several numbers with no luck, saying that you have to go through the dealer for them to do it. So...if anyone has a number to call, that would be awesome! (Especially since there were 3 total increases that increased the msrp almost $4k!!!)
  2. Alright guys and gals, I ordered my 3.0 LT Trailboss on 2/11, GM accepted the order on 4/12 with a TPW of 5/9. It arrived at the dealership on 6/6 and I picked it up on 6/14 (ordered from an out of state dealer). Only thing it didn't have was the front park assist chip. I did get hosed on the MSRP price increase though...
  3. Ok, so I get everything y’all are saying, but since the dealer doesn’t know how to do that *cough *, how do I go through GM to get it changed?
  4. Ok Guy, my TPW date was 5/9. So according to that article I should be good, right?
  5. To me that’s still effed up to change the price on a buyer when they already put a deposit down and a price listed on the build sheet…I wouldn’t normally worry about it, but it’s $4k higher!
  6. Thanks for the info Guy! Now how does a person find their production date?
  7. Guy, why would it matter on the build date, when it was ordered and deposit paid on 2/11?
  8. Medic, I don’t think it’s the dealer. They are showing the new msrp for the truck from GM, and not the original msrp that was quoted. I mentioned that to the salesman and he is going to verify as well, but I don’t want to wait/count on him.
  9. Yes and yes. I ordered on 2/11 and the price was shown on the order form where it was listed as a SRE-Retail Sold.
  10. Hey Guy, can you let me know the process you took for this? I am currently in the same boat where my dealer is telling me I owe more because of the msrp increase. I have not took possession of it yet, so hopefully can get it figured out before I do!
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