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  1. I’d definitely recommend them. They’ve been extremely quiet, so far. I drive with my stereo off quite a bit because I’ve got a 3 year old that wants to talk to me non-stop and I’ve never noticed them in the silence and have zero issues hearing my kid from the back when he’s talking. They’ve easily surpassed my expectations for such a rugged looking tire.
  2. Recently picked up my new ‘22 AT4 and swapped out the Duratrac’s for 295/70R18 Ridge Grapplers. Kept the stock setup and surprisingly have no rubbing even at full lock.
  3. On mine, I got notification from GM via email that it had shipped on 5/18 and it arrived at my dealer on 5/31. I live about 9 hours away from Fort Wayne in Missouri.
  4. Thanks man! I’m extremely happy with waiting it out now that I see it live. When I got there though and saw the increased price on the window sticker, I immediately thought of your experience and was going to hop on here to see how you got it fixed. Thankfully they were able to get the number knocked down quickly somehow so we dodged a bullet there.
  5. Finally picked up my CarbonPro AT4 today. Reserved in October and ordered in mid-January. I had the same issue as others are having now where it showed up at a higher price than what I ordered which was a bit of a surprise. My dealer ended up getting approval to knock the price down to the original number we landed on which I really appreciated.
  6. I’ve been kicking myself for ordering my AT4 in black instead of Cayenne. Cayenne was my first choice but I went with the safer color at the last minute when taking with my dealer. I know I’ll like the black once I see it and get past it but every time I see someone pick up a Cayenne version I can’t help but think how much better it looks.
  7. Once you have the VIN, is it possible to track your vehicle during the shipping process or can only the dealer do that?
  8. I got an email today saying my AT4 has been built and is shipping. The chat said my vehicle is in transit. I think we may actually be getting them finally.
  9. Heard from my dealer that my CarbonPro AT4 has been moved to Broadcast so hopefully it will get built in the next week or two. My TPW was 5/9.
  10. Would that 34” limit apply to the AT4 since it has the 2” lift already? I only ask because I have an AT4 on order and was hoping to put 295/70R18 Wildpeaks on them without having to do any other mods. They show a 34.3” diameter. Would I need to level the front or trim the fenders to make that work?
  11. I had to get my order number from my dealer. I never received any email from GMC on my order until it was finally accepted for production last month.
  12. Got an email this morning that said my CarboPro AT4 is being built. My TPW was this week so we’re tracking on time so far. I pinged GMC chat this morning after I got the email to see what they’d say and they actually gave me a response saying my TPW was the week of 5/9. It was the first time they’ve said anything other than my dealer had submitted the order or it was working it’s way toward production. That does mean though that at some point the chat team can see your TPW. I know we were debating that last week.
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