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  1. nice!! Even more excited for mine now! I am also trying to decide on wheels and tires I was thinking these wheels. https://www.oewheelsllc.com/CV37-22090-black-wheel-set-GMC-Sierra These are a variation of the Denali wheels but these are all black instead of the Denali ones which have machined edges. I personally like the black look, like I said before, I'm not a huge fan of my current at4 wheels. I do like the AT4X's all black wheels. I wanted these in 20" size but they are out of stock everywhere. I was thinking of running 34" tires There is a lot of conflicting info on largest tires on AT4s with stock 2" lift. I think the width of 11.2" would keep it from rubbing and 34" is an ok height without rubbing. I've noticed the tires are way cheaper in US than in Canada. 285/55R22 is rare size.
  2. I'm also interested in finding this out, as I also read about the 2" factory lift. Nice!! Do you have more pics? Thats exactly how I want my AT4 to look, with those wheels. I wish the Fenders were color matched as well. I think that would've looked even better. I also had one on order and changed it to AT4 since it was only 3 weeks away, compared to the other one, which was 4-5 months away.
  3. Hi, I placed an order today or took over a dealer order for a new 2022 Sierra AT4 Spec. I visited a few dealerships to see if anyone had the Titanium Rush Metallic color on the lot. Apparently I'm the only one who'll be getting the first one in that color. Sales guy said, people are usually scared to order newer colors, especially if they haven't seen them in person. The truck looks great however, I don't like few minor things about this truck. - The Wheels. I wish there was an option for the gloss black wheels from the Elevation model. My AT4 comes with 18" wheels, which I don't like too much because they're not fully black as they have a machine surface. I love the Gloss wheels off the elevation model. This one - I wish the grille was color matched. - I wish the exhaust tips were black instead of chrome. That's it. Other than that, the truck is good. I asked the dealership if they would give me some sort of a deal on the wheels, but even at cost, they're still expensive because they're OEM wheels. I looked at some aftermarket ones, but IMO they look tacky. So off the bat, I'm interested in doing two mods or changes. First is wheels. Can I fit 34" or 35" tires on this AT4 with stock lift? Second mod is the exhaust. I want just a little more noise out of the exhaust, not enough for a full on aftermarket exhaust, just a little more than what's available on stock truck. And I also wanted to put the Black quad exhaust tips. Anyway, I'm excited to join the GMC Fam. Coming from a 2020 F150 Lariat.
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