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  1. My refreshed RST has sport mode, 6.2L. No Z71. Had a 21 RST with the same engine but NHT.
  2. 2022 Glacier Blue. 6.2, leather, sunroof, 360… Love it!
  3. Just looking on the supplier discount website there seems to be several not too far from Eugene. When I was shopping one was listed that was already gone and a few were in transit. I wanted an RST CC 4x4 6.2 with the 6.5 bed and max trailering, there were 2 available in the country at the time out of like 35k trucks. Supplier price is $56,389 on that one. https://www.powergmofnewport.com/new-Newport-2021-Chevrolet-Silverado+1500-LT+Trail+Boss-3GCPYFEL6MG224145
  4. I've had them both you can't go wrong with either. Still have the Falkens on my wife's 4x4 van and had the at2 & at3 on other trucks.
  5. Hi Truck is stock height. Just used the stock tires since they only had 400 miles on them. It did rub slightly at full turn in reverse so I removed the bracket behind the mud flaps, didn’t trim anything. The offset is nice sits just a little aggressive.
  6. Fuel Hammer 20x9 +01 stock Bridgestone 275/60
  7. Payload and towing will depend on configuration and options. My RST has a crew cab, 6.5 bed, 6.2, 10 speed, max tow. Trailering capacity is 11,900 and payload is 1806. It has the fancy tailgate and moonroof so that's eating up some payload. A couple options that I could do without but its what was available. Coming from a Lariat Ultimate to an RST I do miss some of the creature comforts, but all that comes with a cost. I guess it depends on what you are used to and what options are important.
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