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  1. Long shot but... Can anyone help me with some DSP tuning on a Audio Control D-6.1200 Amplifier? Have trouble with Accu bass not being active. Can’t find a way to make it active. Also with some EQ settings. I’ve figured out how to set each set of channels up but I still feel like I’m missing something. If there is anyone than can answer some questions and is familiar with this amp in particular that would be great.
  2. My thinking was that I could input from the ACM to The LC8I and then RCA LC8i to the Amplifier. I also like the manual level control of the LC8i for each channel. But yeah I hear you.
  3. Honestly, the LC8i is overkill. You are correct. I may not actually install it. I’ve been asking myself the same thing...
  4. From what I’ve heard he doesn’t give refunds. I know a lot of people have had issues with LLJ. I did some research on him. He is a one man band build the stuff in his residence garage. I did receive mine, though missing the tweeter inputs. I’m going to disassemble the harness and map out all of the wiring before I plug it in. Gonna take an hour with a DVOM but better than burning up the factory ACM. Yes I’m sound deadening. Rear wall and doors. I see no point in doing the floor with the carpet and the entire floor rubber floor mats.
  5. I ordered on the 8th and the harness arrived today. Missing tweeter inputs. But it arrived. Non Bose RST
  6. Hello everyone, I’m starting an Audio build for my 2019 Silverado RST without Bose and 8” screen. I’m installing Focal K2 Power components up front, Focal K2 Power coaxials in the rear doors, 12w7 in a ported enclosure. Driven by an Audio Control LC8i Line output converter, D-6.1200 Dsp amp, and the Audio Control LC-1.1500 driving the 12w7. I’m still planning this out but I intend on starting and likely finishing it this weekend. Well mostly anyway. I ordered the loop harness From LLJ customs. He didn’t include ACM speaker outputs for the dash tweeters. Just the four doors. Which is fine. I can fine them manually with a DVOM, but would rather have it ironed out before hand. Has anyone seen a 2019 Non Bose wiring diagram? I’ve looked all over for one. I can’t find one. I’m taking pictures. I’ve already got the rear seat out and amp rack built. There was absolutely nothing mounted on the rear wall of my truck so there is tons of room. And the seat comes out in minutes easily. If anyone has seen a 2019 wiring diagram please let me know! Thanks....Dave
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