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  1. Picked up the same truck on 1 Oct. Very nice. I searched out 2,000 miles and found one with nearly all my wanted options 100 miles from home.
  2. I placed my order 3 months ago...still hasn't been picked up by GM. Apparently, there are restraints on Midnight Edition, Convenience II, Leather, painted black wheels, and some other things I wanted, on a Chevy 2500 LT. Why in the hell would they have these options listed on the build site if they've been unavailable for months?
  3. Anyone have a Chevy 2500 LT Midnight Edition order picked up by GM lately? Wondering if the delay is with GM or my dealer.
  4. Well, it looks this morning that everything but molded splash guards are back on the build site. My confidence in GM is at a new hi!
  5. I ordered a Silverado 2500HD LT with Midnight Package, All Star, CP II, Leather, Z-71 packages, and several other options. It hadn't been picked up by GM yet. I find out, this morning, midnight edition with Z-71 is now unavailable, along with several options. Base price also went up a thou again (increased twice in a month for $2K total). Comparing my previous build to new build, there's 2 less packages, $500 less in options, for approx $4,000 less in options and packages. But, now the total NET price is a thousand more on the build sheet than before (a $5K swing)! WTH is going on with GM??
  6. Haven't had a "non"metallic black Chevy in 10+ years. To get an available 2022 Chevy 2500 gasser, in Mosaic Black Metallic, on a lot right now I would have to give up at least one of my 5 most important options. I can get all I want on the truck if I accept the regular Black paint job. Back in the day, plain black would fade fast and show swirl marks and scratches easily. This truck will be for the duration. How is the new Black Chevy truck paint holding up (versus Mosaic)? Does anyone have a definite preference one way or another? I have a 2500 LT in Mosaic Black Metallic with all my desired options on order with a dealer (GM hasnt picked up the order yet). But, who knows how long that will take.
  7. Lots of good info from you guys. The ole back is hurting worse and every bit will help.
  8. The reason I asked... Here in my area of NE Ohio it's not possible to compare new truck rides. No dealer has even a single 2500. With my current Chevy 2500, with 18" tires, I run 60 psi front/70 psi rear full time and tow a boat in summer and fall. What are the lowest tire pressures i can run during the off-season for the smoother ride?
  9. Had a Bakflip on a 2006 Chevy 1500. Currently have a Diamondback...love it. Three worst things about the bakflip were: leaked like a sieve, covered the back window when opened, and, because it sits below the top of the bedrail there are many things that are too tall to fit in the truck bed...especially large fish coolers.
  10. Looking at buying a 2022 Chevy 2500 LT. Which would you say has the smoother on the road ride... a truck WITH off-road suspension, or, without. 18 or 20 inch tires?
  11. AirForceAngler-- Clear and well stated! Thanks. I'm pulling a boat and looking for a non-turbo, 6+ L motor. I've had 5.3Ls before and don't want that. I'll just go with the 3/4 ton with the 6.6L gas motor. Pricing them out, I can go with the 2500 and roughly the same desired equipment for $4,000 less than the RST. I currently have a 2500 with a 6.0 motor.
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