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  1. I’ve got the same truck, same model year, same trim, same engine etc but have 64000 miles. I’ve never checked the oil (probably dumb on my part) and have had the dealer change it every 7500 miles and rotate the tires at the same time. Zero issues with the truck and the Nitto tires I put on the truck the day I bought it are still going strong too
  2. My 2019 (before Covid and this supply chain mess) had that status for about a month. My dealer finally was able to figure out it was sitting on a rail car 90 miles away. The day the dealer decided he would figure out with GM how he could just go get it and drive it the 90 miles himself he finally got notification it would be at the dealership a couple of days later. And it was
  3. I went with Timbren’s on my AT4. Rarely notice them when daily driving. They make a huge difference in squat when loaded. It’s nothing for me to put a pallet with 2000lbs of material in my bed now. Yes I know that’s over payload capacity
  4. I’m over 32k on my ‘19 6.2 and had 90k on my ‘14 6.2 before that. Loved them both and no significant issues with either truck. Would buy another tomorrow in a heartbeat
  5. Boost kit is great. I got the “all lights” kit. Fogs on with headlights and stay on with hi beams.
  6. Thanks Kyle. Last question - is the picture of the spring with the load of stone in the bed or unloaded? I assume unloaded. Thanks again
  7. Kyle, are those medium duty Sumo’s? a yard of stone is supposed to be 2400 pounds. Is your truck a half ton? currently I limit my loads in my half ton to 1500 pounds. But it sure would be easier to load a 2000 pound pallet of material (corn or fertilizer) at a time yeah, I know that’s over payload capacity
  8. Considering Sumo Springs for my 2019 AT4. I carry 1500lbs + of deer corn or fertilizer in my bed periodically and the rear sag is bad. I only have to drive about 10 miles loaded like that Anyone with experience using Sumo Springs to lessen sag when the bed is loaded?
  9. 3rd post down in this thread. Not my truck, but looks just like it. I got them based on this picture and have not regretted it https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/223068-biggest-tires-on-at4-18-wheels-with-no-modification-or-wheel-change/#comments
  10. My stock AT4 with 18s has 285/70 Ridge Grapplers. You may be able to go a hair bigger but not much and you’ll pay a big price in tire weight
  11. Put them on my 2014 and loved them. Until I replaced them with BFG KO2s at 60k. Then I realized how loud and harsh they were. went with ridge grapplers on my 19
  12. 16 months and 25000+ miles on my ‘19 AT4. Have not had any of the problems you have. Absolutely love the truck
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