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  1. Never heard of a bumper spacer kit until I just read up on them a little. If I understand them right they provide more clearance in front of the tire. But in my experience the constraint on bigger tires is the rear of the front wheel wells?
  2. You’re truck looks great but is it safe to say that even though the manufacturer calls that a 35x12.5 tire it’s really more comparable to something smaller? (34x11.5 maybe?) dealer ordered an AT4 that I spec’d and is giving me first dibs on it when it comes in (Did not now how long it would take or exact pricing though).
  3. Look darn good but man that’s a heavy tire. Looks like 285/70/18 tires run about 60 lbs
  4. I’m impressed you’ve gotten the 35s to work. When I test drove an AT4 and took it to 4 wheel parts they came out with a tape measure, had me turn the wheels back and forth, and were concerned about anything over 34” tall and 275 wide your truck is stock, no level, right? Any other insights into how it worked? Did you remove the bracket at the back of the wheel well? What sort of mud flap trimming, etc. what kind of tires are those? Really appreciate you taking time to post everything you’ve posted.
  5. I test drove an AT4 last week and took it to a 4 wheel performance shop as part of my test drive. Guys at the shop brought out tape measures, had me turn the wheel back and forth, and concluded a 34” tire at stock width (275) was all they were comfortable saying would work. And that was with removing some bracket in the rear of the wheel well to get a little more clearance. The truck I was driving had 20” wheels and the biggest he was comfortable with was 275/65/20. I’m hoping to get one with 18” wheels But 34” tires at 275 width are hard to come by with 18” wheels
  6. Spray In Bedliner

    You sure seem to be right. I know the owners of LineX an I would swear they told me they do the GM OEM work. Said they built a factory next door to do it. Interesting
  7. Spray In Bedliner

    Guess who does GMs spray in bed liners offered as factory option? You guessed it - LineX
  8. Sierra AT4 Plus Size Tire

  9. Thanks. I’ve got 285/65/20s (34+”) on stock wheels on my 14 with a 2.25” level and it required some hammering on the driver side. The tires are BFG KO2s which I am also told run small. I think I read in another post where someone had fit 35s on a leveled 19 Denali. I guess we will find out soon enough. Pls do keep us posted also - what does the Denali have that the at4 doesn’t other than more chrome on the outside and wood as opposed to aluminum on the inside? In prior models the difference between a Denali and an all terrain seemed significant to me but that gap appears narrower when looking at 19 Denali vs at4
  10. Can’t wait to watch (on a flight now). How much room in the wheel wells? Planning on an at4 and (hopefully) 35s early next year
  11. New tailgate

    Yeah that would’ve made too much sense
  12. Was at the dealer getting an oil change on my ‘14 the other day. They had a ‘19 Denali fresh off the truck being prepped for the showroom. Looked great in person and the tailgate functioned just as it looked in the YouTube videos. HOWEVER - a lot of owners are going to be in for a rude awakening when they open the tailgate all the way to use the step up into the bed and damage the tailgate because they have a hitch attached. When i trade my ‘14 i guess i will need to quit the habit i have of leaving the hitch in after i tow something.
  13. That is music to my ears if true. An AT4 with 35s will be in my future. Will wait until January to order most likely - would like to get the CarbonPro box.

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