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  1. I fit 285/65r20 KO2s on my ‘14 with a 2.25” level but it required some minor metal bending. And the KO2s are known to run a little small
  2. Sweet thanks. Glad I didn’t order the husky’s before my truck came in!
  3. Do they come standard? Front and rear? I’m trying to figure out if I need to order some husky’s or not. Thank you any pictures or likes/dislikes would be appreciated
  4. Awesome. Great looking truck
  5. AT4 with Duratracs

    Very nice! My AT4 should be here any day and I’m thrilled to see you got 35s to fit. Is your at4 totally stock? No leveling kit in addition to factory lift? Any mods to make them fit? My 14 has the wheel well liner pinned back and there is apparently some sort of bracket on the 19s that can be removed from the rear of the front wheel wells to create some space looks awesome edited to add: I see the comment that you are totally stock. I just can’t believe my eyes
  6. I test drove an AT4 recently. During the test drive we stopped at 4 wheel parts. They came out and measured some stuff while I turned the wheel back and forth and proclaimed they were confident 275/65r20 would fit. Of course i am going to push my luck and try to fit a hair wider - 285/70r18 (I like the look on the 18” wheels better) when my truck comes in
  7. Spare tire specs

    Upgrading to ridge grapplers in either 295/70r18 or 285/70r18. Depends on what 4 wheel parts will install. I’ve been told even the 285s will be tight
  8. Spare tire specs

    Never mind. Found it in my build specs. It’s a 17” rim
  9. Anyone mind looking underneath their 2019 and giving me the specs on the spare? ive got an AT4 coming with the duratracs. Likely going to replace them with a bigger tire and wondering if I can make one of the duratracs my spare. So most interested in the rim size on the spare. Thanks in advance
  10. MPG 6.2l

    That’s awesome. Wonder how much it would go down with 60lb tires on all 4 corners
  11. AT4 Wheel Selection

    Duratracs will definitely make some significant noise once they get some wear on them. I know from experience ive ordered an AT4 with the 18” wheels and the wimpy tires. I find the 20” wheels hideous and the truck will be driven straight to 4 wheel parts for bigger tires
  12. My sunglasses don’t fit in that space in my ‘14. It is the perfect place for an extra Glock magazine though...
  13. Never heard of a bumper spacer kit until I just read up on them a little. If I understand them right they provide more clearance in front of the tire. But in my experience the constraint on bigger tires is the rear of the front wheel wells?
  14. You’re truck looks great but is it safe to say that even though the manufacturer calls that a 35x12.5 tire it’s really more comparable to something smaller? (34x11.5 maybe?) dealer ordered an AT4 that I spec’d and is giving me first dibs on it when it comes in (Did not now how long it would take or exact pricing though).

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