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  1. I’d be willing to bet it would rub
  2. Have a bunch of dirt and sand on the factory AT4 all weather liners. Thought I’d remove them and shake them out before the dirt and sand finds its way to places I don’t want it The two pieces unsnap in the center, but seem to be anchored somehow under the under seat storage bin. Looks like I will need to remove jack to remove the floor liner and shake it out? That seems kind of jacked up (pun intended) hopefully I’m being dumb?
  3. I had duratracs on my ‘14. The truck was leveled and the duratracs were LTs on 20” wheels. Looked great, rode harsh. I swapped them out for KO2s at 57,000 miles and they had tread left but had gotten really loud. My ‘19 AT4 has LT Ridge Grapplers on 18” wheels. Ride is smoother, some noise. Less than 1000 miles. Hard to know how much of the better ride is due to 18” wheels and factory lift vs. 20” wheels and aftermarket level. But when i put tires on my truck i didn’t really consider the Duratracs
  4. I hated afm on my ‘14 but have not noticed dfm on my ‘19 yet
  5. As spec’d on GMC website it was $64k on the nose i paid $31.5k out the door and that included $26.5k for my trade. I felt like a got an ok deal not a great one. The truck would have sold within a day or two off the dealers lot if you go 5.3 instead of 6.2 and trim some options you’ll be in your range. Of course the tires and tool box were an incremental $2,000
  6. see third post post in this thread. Picture truck in dark sky metallic + a low profile cam locker and that’s my truck
  7. The AT4 definitely has a telescoping steering wheel In terms of KO2 vs Ridge Grappler - all else equal it would be a toss up in my opinion. The KO2s weren’t available in the size I wanted so the decision to get the Ridge Grapplers was easy. I can’t compare the ride between the 2 - the KO2s were on 20” wheels with an aftermarket level and the Ridge Grapplers are on 18 wheels with a factory lift the KO2s do run a little small so the width looks a little wider on the Ridge grapplers even though they were both 285 width edited to add - on my old truck the 285/65/20 KO2s were noticeably better riding than the 285/60/20 Duratracs they replaced. I loved the look of the Duratracs but they rode harsh and made a lot of noise after about 30k miles. I replaced them at 57k miles and they still had tread left. The KO2s were at 30k+ miles when I traded the truck and weren’t even noticeably worn
  8. Nitto Terra Grappler G2 (can actually be had as a “P” rated tire in some larger sizes) or if you want a more aggressive look, the Nitto Ridge grappler is very popular but with some noise (though not as bad as a pure mud tire)
  9. I got $26,500 on my trade - had to haggle a bit to get there but it was exactly what KBB said the trade value was for my truck in “Very Good” condition. In terms of drivability i find the ‘19 easier to drive. It’s a little bigger but does not feel that way. The engine / transmission combo is at least as strong on the ‘19 vs. ‘14. And everything is tighter/smoother, but maybe that is partially because of moving from a 5 year old truck with 90k miles to a brand new truck. In terms of some of the “cons” noted above, none of them bother me, though i understand why they would bother some. Call Onstar and ask for their loyalty discount. If they think you are going to cancel you’ll get a much better deal for yourself.
  10. Picked up my Dark Sky AT4 6.2 last week. I think it has about every option except for the 20” wheels (I like the look of the 18s much better) and performance exhaust / air intake. I traded out of a 2014 Denali 6.2 with 89,000 miles. Other than the A/C compressor going out at about 70,000 miles it was virtually flawless. I was reluctant to trade but decided i didn’t want to go over 100,000 miles. I had the ‘14 leveled and went thru a set of 285/60R20 Duratracs and most recently had 285/65RR20 KO2s. The AT4 was ordered back in February by the dealer. We didn’t cut a deal then but the dealer told me i’d Have the first shot to buy it when it came in. On April 3 i got the word that the truck was in transit and would be at the dealer imminently. Fast forward to mid-May and the truck had been sitting at a rail yard 100 miles away for almost a month. I was happy to wait as it allowed me to get thru Turkey season and the inherent mud in my ‘14. The truck finally made it to the dealer Thursday and i went in Friday. Cut a fair deal on the trade of my ‘14 and took delivery on the AT4 with all of 2 miles on the odometer. Went straight to Discount Tire and swapped out the tiny Goodyear tires for 285/70R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Discount Tire did not have the proper tool to reprogram the TPMS but the dealer did it in about 10 minutes and also bought the old tires off me. All i can say is WOW. This truck is awesome. The 10 speed is smooth as silk (my 14 was the 6 speed that i drove in M5 all the time), the technology (HUD, better/more responsive touch screen, improved DIC, cameras, rear view mirror, Intellibeam, wireless charging, much better NAV, Apple CarPlay) is a significant upgrade over the ‘14. I have not used the various driving modes yet - virtually everything has been in “Tour” mode, but the 6.2 continues to impress and has just the right amount of growl compared to the 14, even without the performance exhaust. The truck also rides significantly better. The Nittos are E rated just like my old KO2s, but the combination of the larger sidewall on the tires with the 18” rims and the factory lift as opposed to an aftermarket level makes a huge difference. The Nittos look great, make just the right amount of noise (more than the KO2s, less than the Duratracs) and at 60lbs each haven’t been too much of a drag on the gas mileage. I got 17 on my first tank of mixed country back road driving, which is better than my 14 was doing I find the interior to be very nice. The black leather with kalahari accents is a nice change from my ‘14 with Dune interior. The factory all weather floor mats are perfect and saved me from having to buy weathertechs. My kids appreciate the rear air and heated rear seats. I thought i’d Find the tailgate to me a little gimmicky. Then i used it on some home improvement projects over the weekend and found myself using all of its functionality. I don’t tow much but will have to remember to remove the hitch from the receiver when i do I don’t have any pictures to post but look at the thread about the 18” wheels and 285/70R18s and picture the same truck in Dark Sky. Hope this helps anyone on the fence. I was reluctant to trade given how much i loved my 14 but am very glad i took the plunge. Happy to answer any questions anyone has
  11. I bet 285/65R20s will fit Is that Dark Sky Metallic?
  12. These guys are selling cars for a living. Let that sink in for a minute. If they weren’t doing that they’d be more likely to be in rehab than Hold a job for more than a few months. Spend 10 minutes on this forum and you’ll know more about the product than they do. They don’t want to order you a truck because they’ll be working at the dealer down the road (if not the used car lot next door) when it comes in
  13. $3500 for at4 plus $1000 with GM finance. At least that’s what the pricing sheet from the dealer says
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