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  1. 3rd post down in this thread. Not my truck, but looks just like it. I got them based on this picture and have not regretted it https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/223068-biggest-tires-on-at4-18-wheels-with-no-modification-or-wheel-change/#comments
  2. My stock AT4 with 18s has 285/70 Ridge Grapplers. You may be able to go a hair bigger but not much and you’ll pay a big price in tire weight
  3. Put them on my 2014 and loved them. Until I replaced them with BFG KO2s at 60k. Then I realized how loud and harsh they were. went with ridge grapplers on my 19
  4. 16 months and 25000+ miles on my ‘19 AT4. Have not had any of the problems you have. Absolutely love the truck
  5. You’ll love them. 25k miles on mine on my stock AT4. Look great and don’t kill the mileage as bad as 35s
  6. 2019 Sierra AT4 with about every option in terms of technology packages ordered the $20 Boost Auto Fog light mod. This turns on fog lamps any time parking lights are on, including with high beams very clear installation videos on YouTube. I’d never done something like this before but tackled it in about 10 minutes and it seems to work fine i have not driven at night yet to test with Intellibeam but with my understanding of how it works, that shouldn’t change anything so this mod has given me everything the “6 high/all lights” mod plus my fogs automatically come on with my parking lamps highly recommend that is all
  7. Got rid of oem tires immediately so my only point of comparison is my 14 denali with a level, 20” wheels and tires just shy of 35”. My AT4 rides a lot better than my old truck. I like the bigger sidewall that comes with an 18” wheel. I really can’t compare to factory though
  8. I’m interested in how you resolve this as I’ve considered those tires. Any pictures?
  9. Other than 285/70/18 Ridge Grapplers and a Camlocker tool box, not a darn thing! These things are about perfect as spec’d
  10. No pics handy but they fit with no issues whatsoever. I’m assuming speedo is a little off but i don’t care too much about that. Yeah thats why i made the post.
  11. Took delivery on an AT4 back in May. Only mods were a cam locker tool box and 34” Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Since then I’ve done some light towing, some mild off roaming, taken several road trips, hauled some dead critters in the bed, etc. Not a single problem with the truck and i love all of it. Seems like these trucks have lots fewer issues (recalls, known problems, etc) than my 2014 Denali did, which was also first model year. I put 90k on that one before i got the 2019 That is all.
  12. In the map pocket by my right leg. Jerry rigged a piece of kydex to cover it up so you can’t see it. But it is still easily accessible
  13. Yeah my phones are Verizon and I’m thinking ATT had better reception in the 2 places I’m thinking of. $15/mo for unlimited data seems too cheap to pass up at least trying
  14. Anyone use their truck as a mobile hot spot? I’ve got a place in the boonies where I want to periodically stream a football game thru YouTube TV onto a real TV and wondering if using my truck’s hotspot is a feasible way to do it i got an email offering unlimited data for $15/mo ive used phone mobile hotspot to stream games before and it worked well as long as I had a decent signal
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