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  1. Has been stated several times in this thread and there are bulletins for the issue. Check all of the connections around the battery and distribution block. By check I mean tighten every one of them. Look for any black marks on the connections.
  2. Buddy of mine has the Revolver. Looks nice and of the same quality as the other BAK products. The cover has to be closed first then the tailgate. There was interference with top of the tailgate and cover such that he has to lift up the cover to close the tailgate. It's nice to roll up and look out the back window. I chose the Undercover Ultra Flex over the MX4. The finish matches the bed rails better and I prefer how it stands up when fully open rather than leaning on the back glass. Other than that they are pretty much the same.
  3. I'm trying to decide on black or chrome running boards for my Sierra. It's a satin steel SLE with the chrome trim, as attached, but I can only find pictures of chrome running boards and the GM pictures are terrible on the accessory website. Anyone have pictures of their satin steel Sierra/Silverado with the chrome trim and black running boards?
  4. I’ve had an intermittent no start issue for past month now and dealer hasn’t been able to find the issue. Replaced the ECM, EBCM, fuel pump driver module and performed every software update. I finally found the cause: there was a nut not fully seated on the battery distribution block on top of the battery. It’s the nut directly above the positive terminal with a small red wire attached to it.
  5. Got my truck back with the new underhood fuse block. It’s running again, but I’m not exactly confident that was the only problem.
  6. I have a 2020 Sierra with the LM2 diesel. At 150 miles it stalled while driving and multiple crank-no starts. Sounds similar to other posts. Dealer replaced the crankshaft position sensor and has new fuse box ordered. Will see what happens next.
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