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  1. Yep... that's what did it for me. I meant UBEC bolts... sorry for confusion... essentially the bolts that secure the fuse box to the body of the truck under the hood. If not tightened, it may not be properly grounded. This solution has worked for me and a few other folks, but not all. Worth a shot and probably something you can easily do -- at the very least show your dealer this bulletin.
  2. Haven't had a single issue since tightening the UBC bolts. That did the trick. Runs like a champ now.
  3. Check some of my previous posts. Try tightening the UBC bolts on your fuse box. This was the issue with my truck. Once tightened, i haven't had a single issue.
  4. Good to hear. Hopefully this worked. I will say, I have not had a single issue with the truck since the dealer tightened the bolts. Went on a few big trips, camping, etc. It's running like a champ.
  5. That looks great man. I was really considering the Retrax but ended up going with the BakFlip.
  6. Looks great. I ordered mine today. Set to arrive on Friday. Big shout out to TruckAlterations.Com. They offered the lowest price around.
  7. Add me to the list. This feature has maybe worked a handful of times since I bought the truck (2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 6.2L) a month ago. Have about 500 miles on it now. Live in Phoenix so the AC is always on but I'm worried. I'm one of the folks that had electrical issues days after buying truck (truck would not start) but dealer said they fixed by tightening bolts on fuse box. That issue has resolved but still spotty on the auto stop feature.
  8. Great news! Hope this was the final fix.
  9. How'd your road trip go? Hopefully no issues?
  10. Totally agree with this.. Just reviewed pics of LOMAX vs BakFLIP and you're right... the LOMAX sits slightly higher than the BackFLIP (about half an inch). Both look really good, IMO. I'm with you, though... all about personal preference.
  11. Yah, man. Like I said, this comes down to a subjective decision regarding what works best for you and your needs. Agree the Lomax looks great, but looks weren't everything for me.
  12. Okay, after spending more time being indecisive about this than any other topic in recent history, I've decided that I'm going with the BakFlip MX4. Here's why... what works for you will obviously be a bit different. RetraxPro XR was top of my list for a while. But, after seeing that the cover takes up about a foot of bed space, I was discouraged. My AT4 only has a 5'8" bed. I need all the space I can get. Also, if i need my full bed, it's not that easy to remove (in comparison to other models). Also, price is pretty high, though I know quality is great, you get a limited lifetime warranty, and it would be great to have those extra rails. However, I don't have any Kayaks , or anything else that would require me to stack cargo with a Thule rack that I couldn't put in my trailer... so, I moved on. Lomax Trifold. I'm not sure there's another cover that looks as good and is as low profile as this one. It's great looking. I love that you can remove the entire thing pretty easily if you need your whole bed. However, that also means that the cover can literally be easily stolen if fully open. Not much is keeping it secured to the rails. Also, I did not like that it doesn't lock after the first fold. Finally, it does not fold up vertically to allow 100% bed access. And, when folded all the way up, and strapped in, it takes up as much, if not more bed space than the Retrax. The only way you get to use your whole bed is if you take the whole thing out. Undercover Ultraflex. Also looks great and is VERY similar to the BakFlip. Love that it has a better warranty than the BakFlip (5 yrs), has a carpeted undercarriage, and comes with some freebies (cargo bag and LED lights). While not as easy to remove in comparison to the Lomax, it is still relatively easy to remove, should you need the whole bed space. However, you can also fold it up VERTICALLY to get near complete bed utilization. The one thing that turned me off was that it DOESN'T lean on your window and sits vertically. I've read reviews that when in the vertical position, it is still somewhat flimsy and your top brake light may be blocked entirely (as is the window). Why I'm going with the BakFlip... All the positives of the Undercover -- full bed usage, locking segments, can be removed rather easily. However, it leans against your window when fully open, allowing slight visibility out the window and full visibility of your top brake light/cargo light for following vehicles. Some downsides: I've read that Bakflip quality has waned in the last few years and the warranty is only 3 yrs. But, it's the best selling hard top trifold on the planet for a reason and the company has improved the model in the past few years (allowing for closure of the cover with and without tailgate open. Hope my train of thought helps folks decide. Do what will work best for you. I'll note that I too haven't purchased a cover. This is all based on my review of other reviews and what I think will work best for me.
  13. Good news. Let us know how it goes. I haven't had a single issue since the dealer tightened the bolts on my fuse box. It's been the champ truck I had hoped for... Gaining confidence back a day at a time.
  14. I hear you. Leaning more Lomax now... Figure these AT4s have such a small bed, may need every inch.
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