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  1. The service manager of the dealership I bought it from told me "You need to drive it more". I have started a case with Chevrolet Customer Service. I have left them 5 messages without a return call (after they requested by email that I call them). My initial plans were to buy another brand of truck in January and now I am so sorry I didn't.
  2. With all due respect (and I was just talking to a neighbor about this the other day), they are putting too much electronic crap on these vehicles. I've had trucks (63'Int, 87 Dodge Dakota, 07' F-150) that I actually had to open and close the tail gate myself (Gasp). With the importance of the 1500 segment to the sustainability of these companies, they are all racing to have the most and greatest features and it's coming back to bite them in the a**. When I spend over $50K on a new truck, I expect it to start.
  3. I have has the battery die (and had to be put on the flatbed) twice now in 1700 miles. The dealer is telling me I'm "not driving it enough". The tow truck driver says to me "Yea I tow a lot of these 2020s and 2019s"
  4. So the Tow truck guys arrives and says to me "Yea, I tow a lot of these 2019 and 2020 Silverados" (honestly, I'm not making this up).
  5. My 2020 Silverado is back at the dealers (for the second time) dead battery. Second time on the flatbed with only 1700 miles on the Odometer. Not a happy camper. I was a Ford guy who switched to Chevy...
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