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  1. here's a fix to that problem...... https://tailgatefix.com/
  2. So the consensus is to have at least 10k winch......you can't even use a REAR hitch mount with the 9300 max weight the 3.0 allows with that thinking. But I see lots of youtube videos of a Jeep Cherokee rescue vehicle using a receiver mount hitch to recover FULL SIZE trucks. I'm pretty sure that jeep doesn't have more than a 5k tow rating, but can handle a winch pulling a 2500 HD out of the mud.
  3. Thank you....the more I read, the more I need to look at a TH trailer to just fit the family with the gear.....nothing fancy. I am finding sub 5000lb TH trailers out there. Shorter than 21ft.
  4. Looks like I will go with the trailer that keeps the tongue weight as low as I can that fits bikes and kids too. Found a nice 19ft toy hauler that sleeps all of us and will hold 4 bikes. Tongue weight is just over 600lbs. May also do a WDH too.
  5. Banks is is still working on their 3.0 duramax Derringer tuner. So there's hope their.......
  6. Ya, I was thinking that might be workable to manipulate the weight. I have about 800lbs with 4 dirt bikes to work with.
  7. Yes, I know the numbers on my sticker. The point of my question is, if I have a trailer tongue at 895lb unloaded and go over the sticker weight of 930lbs, will it really hurt anything if I go a bit over 930lbs.
  8. If the MY RST chassis is capable of towing up to 11,600 with a swap to the gas 5.3L from my 3.0 duramax, does it make much of a difference if I max out the tongue weight or go a bit over it with a trailer? Keep in mind the trailer would still be below the 3.0's reduced tow max of 9300lb, which I've read is reduced due to heat with towing inside the engine compartment with the new 3.0 duramax. I ask this because I'm looking at buying a sub 6000lb UVW toy hauler, but some of the tongue weights are floating between 750-1120lbs. One that I like is 920lb, but I'm sure I might go over that with anything added to bedroom area......but I suppose the 800lb in bikes in the back would reduce some of the nose weight. I've done estimations on a couple of trailers adding bikes, gear, people, food and liquids and would be under the max towing weight. My only concern it tongue weight, but the RST hitch should be able to carry more weight than the 10% listed by GM.
  9. Well a nice non multi-pro tailgate (COMPLETE) is around $1500.......
  10. Maybe that explains why my RST has a slightly higher (about 200lb) tow capacity then my bro-n-law SLT X31. The trucks have the same 3.0, drivetrain, bed and doors.
  11. I noticed the same thing when I drove my bro-n-laws 2019 1500 Sierra SLT x31 vs my 2020 1500 Silverado z71. His was much quieter, enough I thought maybe my engine had a bad injector......you just can't hear them in the Sierra .
  12. I hear it too during 1/4 pedal acceleration until the transmission shifts down, like loud lifter noise. I can also hear another weird sound at low RPM acceleration, kind of like being in too high of a gear when driving a manual transmission.
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