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  1. Anyone else with the 3.0 Duramax hearing a noise around 2000 rpm on light acceleration. Sounds like a rapping noise. Sounds like a mechanical noise but I don’t hear it without load on the engine in park or neutral and if I am accelerating it sounds rather normal for a diesel. Also, if I approach 2000 rpm at light throttle and then accelerate a little harder I don’t hear it. I’m thinking it is just combustion noise and just wondering if anyone else has it.
  2. The nut was blackened and so was the stud. I’d say it was loose enough to cause some heat (resistance). While cleaning it I could see where it made marks from arcing. The threads were messed up a bit from arcing as well. It’s not the nut that holds the cable on, but the one that holds the adapter onto the solenoid.
  3. Problem solved. GO BACK TO THE BASICS!!!! Don’t just go ahead and throw on a new starter! Of course that may fix the problem because you’re also fixing the connections at the same time! A bad connection on the solenoid was the culprit. When I removed and overhauled the starter the first time, there was one nut that wouldn’t turn and I didn’t want to risk breaking the stud off so I left it alone. Today I got someone else to try and crank it and I just happened to be looking at that same nut and when he tried it I saw a small spark. It was the nut that would normally hold the starter cable on if they didn’t have that stupid plastic/metal “adapter” on there. I had to cut the nut off and run a thread chaser over the threads as it was arcing there and messed up the threads a bit. Just one more connection to corrode and fail, imho!
  4. 2017 Silverado 5.3. Having similar issues here. Starter was sounding slow for a couple of weeks but it never failed to start. Figured I’d go for a new battery since I needed a new battery for my boat anyway and if that wasn’t the problem I’d just use my old truck battery in the boat. Changed the battery, started truck, worked perfectly. Turned it off to try a few restarts ........ click! Checked everything and noticed the starter wires and studs on the starter were looking a bit rusty so I took the starter off, disassembled and cleaned everything. The starter showed no signs of wear (brushes, bushings, reduction gears). Worked perfect. Starter was turning much faster and sounded normal again. Today I accidentally left the key on and noticed the warning about the battery saver feature was active. It started anyway........ once! Then back to the same “click” I was getting after the battery change. A charger on boost didn’t make any difference either. Gonna wait until tomorrow and check for voltage at the small wire while someone tries to crank it. If voltage there, I’ll check the feed from the solenoid to the starter. I’ll post my results.
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