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  1. Nothing in this post even remotely resembles anything on my 2021 5.3 4WD Sierra. Just spent the last hour trying to find the AC drain "Hose" or "Nipple" or whatever you want to call it and cant find it. The location descriptions don't make any sense in relation to my truck,. Nothing on the right side of the trans from front to back of it. The picture thats posted doesn't resemble anything on my truck related to AC hoses or any hoses. There are nipples that are similar but those are attached to wiring harnesses that go thru the firewall. I did trim up the sound deadening material that was indeed soaked with water at the bottom corner of the front fender so at least I accomplished something. Thanks!
  2. As others have mentioned and suggested there is an option to turn off key fob left in vehicle warning under settings. I turned it off there and problem is solved. thanks!
  3. ...and that is the 3 beep burst that warns you that the key fob may have been left in the truck if you leave the truck running and exit the vehicle. Please tell me that there is a way to disable that very annoying function!
  4. So my 2021 Sierra has the feature that if you press and hold the unlock button on the remote, it will open all 4 door windows which is a great idea. The problem is, is that you cannot roll them back up remotely. At least I haven't figured out how to do it. If its not possible, that's like giving us a 1/2 of a feature. Imagine being able to remote start your truck and NOT be able to turn it back off remotely. If there is no option to roll the windows back up, whatever engineer or whoever came up with this feature should have lost their job right on the spot. IMO.
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