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  1. I did the Readylift and have been happy with it. I'm sure the aluminum Rough Country one is fine. I would stay away from the polymer one...
  2. I put Weathertechs in the front of my 2019 double cab and they're good. Might do the GM ones in the back seat.
  3. I just went with a set of Falkens (275/70/18) and I'm happy so far. Seems like a good do-it-all tire. Aggressive enough w/o being an MT tire. I can't speak for snow performance (yet), but I had a set on my Grand Cherokee and they did quite well in the Northeast.
  4. Thanks. I'm happy with the way it looks for the most part. Sometimes the truck looks perfectly level, and others it looks nose high. I might throw a 1" block in the back just for good measure. I'm happy with the tires and size - they seem to be just right w/o being obnoxious.
  5. I'm running a 275/70/18 with a level. I'm sure this size will fit stock as well.
  6. Glad to hear it worked out!! Now it's time for some new tires!
  7. I get a lot of compliments on the color. Looks like many different shades depending on the light.
  8. 275/70/18 Falken Wild Peaks
  9. I did a Ready Lift 2" and didn't have this problem. I had it aligned and they said everything looked good. Hope everything works out.
  10. 2019 LT, Ready Lift 2" Leveling Kit, 275/70/18 Falken Wild Peaks.
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