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  1. Interesting. I'm not sure why the techs couldn't do that instead of removing my dash??
  2. The only real symptom is water draining onto the floor of the passenger side... It must be getting trapped, pooling up, and then draining when I turn left. It sort of makes a sizzling sound because it's draining through the hot blower motor (which I'm sure will fail now too). Everything else seems to be fine. The A/C is still nice and cold.
  3. I do not park under a tree. I mentioned that I wasn't too happy about the prospect of having my dash torn apart, and he agreed that it's a bit much (no other way to get at it I guess). I'm going to let them know, kindly of course, that every squeak, rattle, or other annoying sound coming from my dash from here on out is going to require attention.
  4. I had a check engine light right around 12K miles - fuel pump module replacement. The screen goes black occasionally, the radio volume doesn't work sometimes, shifts hard 1-2, makes an odd noise on startup, and now I have problems with the A/C which requires a dash removal... Beginning to wish I hadn't bought this truck.
  5. My 2019 LT (5.3) has a clogged A/C drain and it's going to require a dashboard removal to repair it. The service manager said it's going to be a 3-6 hour job and will be warrantied, but I'm not too happy about the inconvenience of the whole thing. I'm a little disappointed that it's happening on a truck with 13K miles and not too psyched about a dash removal. I'm concerned about problems in the future. Should I be worried about the repair? Anyone run into this problem yet?
  6. Same noise on my 2019 5.3L. Doesn't sound "normal" to me.
  7. Mine's been draining in the cab on passenger side since Friday... Thank goodness for the Weathertechs! I will be making a phone call Monday morning.
  8. I almost went with 285, but the obnoxious price difference wasn't worth it to me.
  9. I'm running 275/70/18 with a level. Probably could have gone bigger, but it's not my style.
  10. I did the Readylift and have been happy with it. I'm sure the aluminum Rough Country one is fine. I would stay away from the polymer one...
  11. I put Weathertechs in the front of my 2019 double cab and they're good. Might do the GM ones in the back seat.
  12. I just went with a set of Falkens (275/70/18) and I'm happy so far. Seems like a good do-it-all tire. Aggressive enough w/o being an MT tire. I can't speak for snow performance (yet), but I had a set on my Grand Cherokee and they did quite well in the Northeast.
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