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  1. They are a full 1" taller. I am not sure if that would fit or not, sorry.
  2. I have the 275/65/20 Ultra terrains on a 2019 Silverado with a front level only. They fit great and do not rub at all and I have 10000 on them so far and they are wearing great.
  3. I put 275/65/20 Goodyear Ultraterrain on my 19 Silverado LTZ with a ready lift level kit and have no rubbing at all. Basically a 34"x11.5"x20"
  4. I have a Chevrolet LTZ, I do not think GMC's have quite as much room in the wheel wells.
  5. Can anyone verify that the 2014-2018 rear blocks will or will not work on the 2019's new body style? I am looking to raise the rear a little as my Ready lift level has put me a little nose high. Thanks,
  6. I believe they already have a 1.25 block stock, so this 2.25 block from readylift.com will give you the 1" you are looking for. 2.25" REAR BLOCK KIT - GM SILVERADO & SIERRA 6-LUG 1999-2020 $149.95 SKU 66-3002
  7. I really like them, a little less aggressive than Duratrac. Pretty quiet, but they do hurt the gas mileage because they are 20+ lbs. heavier than stock due to them being an LT tire, not P rated.
  8. I have a 2" Readylift and put 275/65/r20 (34.1x10.8x20) Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT (Exclusive to Discount tire) on the stock rims. No rubbing at all
  9. 4" lift should be enough for the 35" tire, you will probably need spacers for the 12.5 width to avoid rubbing the upper control arms. I am not speaking from experience just everything I have read on here. I did a readylift leveling kit and am running 275/65/r20 (34.1x10.8) and have no rubbing at all.
  10. I have the same tuner with 1 license if anyone else wants one 150.00 shipped.
  11. I am interested in doing the same, Satin Steel metallic as well. I have Chrome caps to swap if interested.
  12. Searched here but found no info: Does anyone have any experience with the Goodyear Ultra terrain AT that is only available through Discount tire (Americas tire depending on where you are located)? It looks like a good AT tire similar to the Duratrac pattern(not quite as aggressive). I am thinking of replacing my Bridgestone Duelers that came stock. Also how much can I expect to get in trade for these Duelers on trade( if any)? Less than 1500 miles on them.
  13. Does the red Z71 logo come off the same way? looks good!!! Never mind looked again and saw the pic with the Z71.
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