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  1. I'm 6'5 so no issue getting into the AT4. That said the bedsides are much taller. Here are my leveled 2017 and stock 2020 AT4
  2. Yes. Goes down with cab button and key fob.
  3. I just put one on my 2020 AT4 and everything works fine, multigrade tailgate opens every which way. no worries. Hope that helps
  4. set the width so it holds the tires pretty well. Around town and to local trails just drop them in and go. If I'm going longer I would likely at least put a strap through the rims. My 9yr old was pretty proud of how well it worked.
  5. My son and I built this. Lets us get 4 in the short bed without removing a wheel. This is in my old truck but it fits in the new AT4 as well. With bikes, without bike, and we can even remove it to use as a bike stand.
  6. Hey what all crankshafts come stock in 2000s 6.0L casting numbers 2500 suburban 6.0L Ls. An do the all interchange as in 01 to 04 ect. 2004 Suburban 2500 6.0L Ls. Stock build wheres the best place to get a STOCK crank kits that stand behind them. I mean I've build engines, always went top of the line. This just an old pull truck beater, going cheapest route. 

  7. Following up on this, I ended up finding a dead mouse in the filter. Apparently the fresh/recycle diverter caught the mouse as it moved one time and killed the mouse. Found dead dried mouse, baby, and nest on filter. Changed and smell went away, and now I check my filter about once a month.
  8. Any follow up on this? Mine started smelling on startup. Hard to tell if it smells like something died. Also kind of smells like the inside of a tire or new tube. Weird how those two things smell similar.
  9. Anyone know how to hook up the continuous power for the trailer? All the lights work but the continuous power pin isn't powered so the internal light doesn't work once the truck is off. I have the 30amp fuse in the fuse box. Looking online there is supposed to be a wire by the fuse box to connect but I can't find it. Any help?
  10. I have the fuse but don't see anything in the loom. Any ideas for a 2017?
  11. Ha, Just ordered something I never knew I needed. But my tonneau cover clamp goes in the stake hole and I'm tired of seeing the aluminum against the black. This will clean the look.
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