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  1. They are not the only ones... Why get into politics on a truck forum about gears?
  2. Damn, forgot how good looking these are, I need to go out and wash mine so it looks this good again!
  3. defenders are great light snow tires, those look... not so much
  4. I had a deer run into the side of my truck, just behind front wheel, was over $8000 to get repaired. New trucks are expensive, especially when damage crosses body panels.
  5. looks like your clip just popped off, give it a shove and should be good to go.
  6. I thought my 17 Z71 was WAY BETTER LOOKING exterior, but otherwise my 20 AT4 is the better truck.
  7. Definitely wish we could have a bigger gas tank.
  8. ONly towing a 7x14 enclosed but I have no issues with sway on my AT4
  9. How do the ridge grapplers compare to the KO2s? I've always run KO2s but I'm thinking about ridge grapplers after the duratracs wear out. The duratracs are fine but too loud. Reminds me of the old Micky thompson baja claws I used to run on my old taco.
  10. Just had mine done, added sealant to the top of the window. 2020 AT4 build date of 9/19. Poured the last two days, and so far so good.
  11. I'm tall, 6'4" and I find the sunroof, with cover open makes the cab feel bigger. I don't use it often but always keep the cover open, more light, bigger feeling.
  12. I'm on my second truck with a Truxedo LoPro and I love it.
  13. I've had the same issue with my SD card, drives me nuts.
  14. Don't know if it will fit. But if you find out it will, I just took mine off and I'm happy to sell it.
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