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  1. Charlottesville VA. I'm happy to ship (included in listed price), they are in the original packaging Icon used to send them back after their refresh.
  2. Coilovers are still available. Feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse.
  3. Adding a picture of the truck with the coil overs to show the leveled stance. They are adjustable to you can adjust as needed. I'll even include the spanner wrench used for adjustment.
  4. Looking to get $1000 for the coilovers, and $300 for the A-arms. Willing to negotiate for a package deal. First two pictures after refresh, last picture as they were when I removed them from the truck.
  5. I sold my 2017 Silverado for a 2020 Sierra and have the Icon 2.5 coilovers and cognito upper A arms that I took off for sale. I loved them on the truck, rode great on the road, and really smoothed out the gravel roads around my area. They were on the truck for a year (20k miles) before I removed them and sold it. When I removed the coilovers I noticed a small oil leak and sent them back to Icon for a warranty refresh so everything is back to perfect and still in the Icon box. I'm looking for $1000 for the coilovers, Make on offer. Cognito A-arms are SOL
  6. I have a set of icon's i'm about to put up for sale. I took them off my 17 Silverado when I got my 20 Sierra. They have about 30k miles on them but I sent them back to Icon when I took them off for a refresh so they are good to go. I also have a set of cognito upper A arms. I loved the Icons, great ride on the street, and really smoothed out the ride on gravel/choppy back roads. I still have the original boxes to ship the coilovers in if you are interested. No pics on this computer but I can post some when I get home this evening. Yo
  7. Surprised me too. So much for what we used to know about fixing trucks.
  8. 5.3L and the 10 speed. Really loving it so far.
  9. I posted a pic of my AT4 pulling my loaded toyhauler, loaded about 7800lb on the scales, Sits and rides nice with a blue ox sway pro setup. I get a little sway with passing cars but the truck pulls it over the blueridge with no issues. I don't have a pic on this machine will post later but here is link to my other post.
  10. I looked at the anderson but heard it didn't shift much weight, especially on heavy trailers. I'm towing a toy hauler 7500lbs packed and use a blue ox sway pro. I love it, easy to put on and adjust, clean, quiet, and really helps to shift the weight back to the front and no sway issues so far. Another option I hear good things on is the equalizer 4pt, but no experience with it.
  11. I had the cognitos on my 17, no problems, the bushings were quiet and lube'able. The ball joints were easy to change (4 bolts) and each had a zerk fitting.
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