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  1. Thought i had photos with a load but mine squats pretty easily. Eventually would like to solve this because i do tow or haul a decent amount. But also really like the level look when empty. But even in this photo an empty trailer even though it is a fairly heavy trailer it brings the back down quite a bit. Sorry not the best photo
  2. Hello, been following the forum for awhile but this is my first post. Bought a new 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation 6 months ago. 8000km so far, love this truck. Wondering how everyone’s 3m vinyl on emblems is holding up, i used a buddies cheap wrap and the edges all peeled up within a day or so. Want to order better stuff if the small lip on the letters is holding the 3m vinyl. - RC 2 inch upper strut level - 25% tint on front windows - Truxedo LoPro cover Need better photos yet, lots more mods to do.
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