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  1. I was having the same problem and then it got so bad it didn’t work at all. On star couldn’t figure it out. They called me about 20 times in a month. It got escalated to engineering and they didn’t know what was going on. I brought it into my dealership and they updated the software for the on star module and haven’t had an issue since. They said if on star updates their systems and the update does not get pushed to the car automatically it will cause issues with live traffic. It’s a separate update than the infotainment system. It has to be updated separately. At least that’s what my dealership told me. Hopefully this helps.
  2. Ok thanks. Do you know if it comes with a foam piece like the factory ones for easy installation
  3. How are they compared to the factory ones. They look flatter in the pictures.
  4. Just installed mine yesterday. Really liking it. It’s not to bright but just enough
  5. Hey I have a question because I’m a little confused. I have the op7 aura pro kit. Here’s the link http://www.opt-7.com/aura-led-interior-lighting-kit/ it has a fuse tap on one side and two wires for the auxiliary. I’m trying to wire it so it turns on with the dome lights and turns off when I leave the vehicle. As well I would like it on when my headlights are on as well. If I put the fuse tap on a fuse that uses rap and wire the auxiliary wires to the dome lights will I get what I’m looking for. If not any ideas on how to get this to work. Thanks in advanced.
  6. Was just on their website and it says 2” receiver coming soon. I’d see if you could return it.
  7. I ended up finding it online. Could only find one store with stock. Do you find you get better fuel economy with it ?
  8. Ya I got the 5.3. there website says it’s the same system for the 6.2 or the 5.3. It’s weird it says out of stock but let’s you add to cart
  9. Wanted to get this but they are out of stock
  10. Ya I did that but I find the salt and dirt stick to it like crazy. Winder times in Canada lol. Thanks appreciate it. The dealerships near me are always so clueless.
  11. Thanks. Do you know where you can find the Sierra name plate in black. Can’t find it anywhere.
  12. Hey just wondering are these a matte black or more of a metallic black. My dealership is saying it has flakes in it. Just want to make sure they ordered the right part. Thanks
  13. I thought I was gonna get better mileage as well going from a 6 speed to the 8 speed but then I realized they also made the gas tanks smaller. It used to be a 98 litre tanks and now it’s a 90. But I get the same amount out of it than I did on the 6 speed.
  14. Thanks. I couldn’t find it on the website but I found it on amazon. Here’s the link if anyone wants to grab one. https://www.amazon.ca/Auto-Ventshade-753167-Aeroskin-LightShield/dp/B07QL7BYFP
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