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  1. What did you do to correct the speedometer. I used the rough country corrector but it causes my remote start to not work
  2. Do you know if this will work with the 2019. I have a 2019 at4 with the full surround camera and rear view mirror camera. I’m wondering if this would work to add the bed view option
  3. No duplicates on the list. The dealership confirmed everything for me. All the part numbers are for a black push button start.
  4. Has anyone had issues with this. I installed this and it corrected the speed but now my remote start no longer works. As soon as I pull it out my remote starter works again. Wondering if anyone else has this issue.
  5. Hey my f block kit is on back order and just wondering if you have any pictures of how you connected the power cable to the battery. I have everything else installed and just wanna get this working.
  6. Does anyone know how to hook up the battery cable to the battery with out the fuse block kit. It’s currently on back order right now
  7. 10” mcgaughys lift kit illuminated from emblem carbon flash at4 badges custom paint to match rear gmc emblem kicker under seat subwoofer multi pro tailgate kicker speakers Go rhino running boards with drop steps 20x12 (-57 offset) vision wheels 37x13.5 furry off-road tires putco light bar aeroskin lightsheild black powder coated exhaust tips borla s-type exhaust Boost auto parts auto fog mod
  8. I think this feature is really good. If it detects your on a decline it engages it. It’s a safety feature.
  9. What was the issue with the clunk noise from rear. Did you ever figure it out ?
  10. I had it on my 2019 Sierra at4. I had to remove it. It was giving me really bad fuel mileage. I went from 17L/100km to 23L/100km. In my opinion it’s not worth the fuel loss. Right now it has a cozy spot in my glove box lol.
  11. I’m in Toronto, Ontario. I think they ship all over Canada. Here’s the website. I put all the part numbers as well. The nee bolster part I have is for the push to start and everything is in black so if you don’t black and push to start you would have to get a couple different part numbers. Let me know it works out. They will probably tell you it’s on back order but they will ship it once it’s available. I received all parts except f block kit within a month. https://www.royfosswholesaleparts.ca/ 84487354 - knee bolster 84688687 - multi switch 84497098 - harness 84524205 - battery cable 84669070 - f block kit
  12. I ordered from my dealerships wholesale website. They did not require my vin. I’ve installed everything but the f block kit. Still waiting for it. Are you in Canada or the us ?
  13. Ya I have all the parts and everything installed except the f block kit. The thing is pretty easy to install. So the parts aren’t actually on back order here in Canada. My dealer told me back order just means it’s gonna take a while to get here. If you can get them to fed ex it you’ll get it in 2 days as opposed to 30 days. So if you order it through the dealer you will get it. It’s just gonna take a while.
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