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  1. I love this look. Are you running spacers for that stance? I have a Silverado but I’m running 35x12.5s on stock 20s and I don’t get that wide of a stance. Considering spacers
  2. I have a 2020 Custom 4x4 (Not a trail boss). I added a 2.25 procomp level up front and was able to fit 35x12.5s on my stock 20’s. I did delete the flaps/air guards, but have no rubbing even at Full lock. I had two different (reputable) 4x4 shops say something similar to me about needing a 6” lift to get to 35s. Guess it’s in their best interest to have you spend $2500 getting a Massive kit installed and selling you a tire package for another $2500. Also to be fair to them, ( at least the ones around here) they aren’t very familiar with the T1s yet I have the tires and stanc
  3. Are the BORA spacers still available? Please msg me directly if so. Also, assume they fit without any grinding? And I know you wouldn't necessarily know, but also assume they would fit on their Silverado cousin?
  4. Looks amazing. Where did you get the spacers? inches? BORA?
  5. I 100% totally get the Katzkin loyalty and they make a great product that looks great in everyone’s trucks. However, if anyone is looking for an alternative due to cash flow issues and can follow a very basic (But easy to follow) YouTube instructional video, then I highly recommend Clazzio. You can get the basic GM color pallet for around $600 inc tax and ship. The fancier Colors are $800 and take longer (like 8-10 weeks) from the factory. I installed myself (same covers twice actually first in my 2019 and now in my 2020) and am in no way a mechanic or a craftsman. I get
  6. Any stance pics with the spacers? Heavily considering 1.5" BORAs
  7. Looks great! I have the same procomp 2.25 on my Chevy. Just so you know, I managed 35x12.50s on stock 20's with no rub, no spacers and no trimming. Know the GMCs have a slightly smaller wheel well, but hopefully it gives you some ideas should you ever decide to get larger rubber. You've also inspired me to spring for tinting. It looks mean as hell!
  8. Mine is a 2020 Custom 4x4 with 5.3L (NOT a trail boss) 35x12.5x20 Atturo Trail Blade X/Ts (Measure out to 34.92” and 12.52”) 2.25” Pro Comp level up front (actually sitting .75” nose High at the moment so getting a 1” Rear block put on soon). No spacers. No trimming. No rubbing (although to be fair, I deleted the rock/mud guards as soon as I got her)
  9. 2020 Custom 4x4 5.3L 2.25” Pro Comp level kit up front. She’s actually currently sitting .75” higher in the front, so I’m going to add a 1” SDT rear block in a few weeks. Not for this thread, but just Adding the front level allowed me to fit 35x12.5x20 Atturo Trail Blade X/Ts. No spacers required. No rub. No trimming
  10. I have little to no mechanical skills and did this myself in 20 mins. It really improves the sound and best part is that it’s not permanent. Don’t use tape. Just get some exhaust sheets from a car parts place, cut to size and use 3” clamps to cover the screens. I’ll try to post a video but the link has a lot of people showing you sound improvement.
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