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  1. You've got a good looking truck! Thanks for the interest.
  2. My error, I assume that people know that the all-terrain is pretty standardized. All the options are listed in the original execept for the Bose stereo and that it has black leather interior. The truck is 4WD. If someone is interested, I can get more pics.
  3. $41,000. As said earlier, open to trades for a 04-09 Sierra or a 11-13 F-150.
  4. Truck back up for sale, same reason, building a detached garage and this will fund it. Milage is now 8100 and will go up slightly as I still use the truck.
  5. Ive got a couple small scratches around the drivers side B pillar that need to be touched up. Whats the best touch up method (delivery system) and company to buy from? The truck is Iridium Metallic if that matters.
  6. Jenna, are you positive on this? I just received this reply in an email from you guys on July 21st: Hi John, Still only the engine at this time. Transmission is expected on the next update from EFILive. Justin Did EFILive update their software?
  7. SirManny, are you interested in purchasing the exhaust or just wanting to hear it? Unfortunately I posted this for sale back in Dec of 2014 and no longer have the phone with the video nor do I own the truck. Maybe hemipowered22z would be nice enough to take a video of his truck in V4 mode and post it? I assure you that while you could tell it was in V4 mode (just as you can with stock exhaust) the pulsing drone that is associated with louder aftermarket exhausts is virtually non existent with the aFe. Might be because its a relatively quiet exhaust compared to most. I can say that my MBRP on my 2015 with the 6.2 (which has active noise cancellation) definitely has more V4 drone that the aFe did but its tolerable to me.
  8. More so the 8 speed as the 6.2 has obviously been tuned for a while now. I sent a email to Blackbear back in February of this year and they advised they did not have the tuning capability of the 8 speed trans at that time. I've re-emailed them to see if thats changed. Has anyone found someone/tuner that is able to tune the 8 speeds? If not, does anyone know what the hold up is?
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