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  1. crew cab not max tow truck came with 22''s so couldn't get max tow.
  2. If I remember correctly Detroit diesel, introduce 6.2 1982 143hp 257 tq I though it was a diesel,but guess I am wrong, either way it was down on power.
  3. I am also interested, so far 114 is the most and 102 is the least mph before computer shut it down, However, the 2019-20 has the highest mph limiter from factory. That is of any gm production truck, Keep us posted on where your's fall in at.Thank's
  4. Wow interesting all the one around I know of with out tune to move limiter out they was 98,With tune like my ss it will run past factory setting,With a tune that is.Suprise you don't throw your drive line out.
  5. It be a while, but I think I was either in 4 gear or fifth when mine hit, and it hit hard truck was still pulling hard
  6. Post time if you do take your's to the track.
  7. tow haul mode with no brake torque,put trans in manual mode into second then you shift it, spare was removed, ran 8.72 with spare tire.Have you ran your at track yet just trying to compare mines.
  8. Look like they all over the place with the shut off, I have 22's also.
  9. my friend has 6.2 Denali his cut off at 102
  10. my calculation is 13.68, governor is 114 for this truck.
  11. Decent fuel mileage for 6.2 this was with down town driving with several red light's, running as fast as 75 mph with cruise control on. Also best 1/8 time with slip.
  12. Everyone has there own though, I live in the south there are no freeway's with in mile's, it was driving on these hilly road's you have a great day.
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