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  1. Wonder where the Amber turn signal is?
  2. Ok thanks. Are there any that could plug into the morimoto elite harness from TRS? Sorry to sound like a noob.
  3. I installed the morimoto sierra spec edition over the weekend. Had a check engine light on the next day, but it cleared itself after a few ignition cycles. Is there anyway to prevent the lights from briefly shutting off when you start up the truck? For example, it's dark and you hit the unlock on the key fob and the lights come on. Then they go out just as the engine cranks over, then come back on.
  4. Appreciate the help. Thanks. What's everybody's thoughts on a delay for the hid setup? I know it's bad for the bulbs to be cycled on and off.
  5. Do you tape over any openings before you bake the lights? Set the light on a cookie sheet? Thanks
  6. vled LMZ led headlights

    Will a 9006 bulb fit in the sierra?
  7. Does anyone have opinions or experience of painted or powdercoated calipers? I have a black AT and am thinking of powdercoating the rims black with red calipers behind. Thoughts? Pics?
  8. Swazimoto that thing is sinister! You plasti-dipped the trim and wheels correct? More pics!!!!!
  9. I too am interested in removing the chrome molding. Did you also have the arrows underneath like DrewBert? And if so, are they noticeable?
  10. Park assist

    Had the same problem after washing the truck on Sunday. Highs in the 20's. It hasn't happened since, so I'm assuming it was from the water and cold temps.
  11. Window Trim / Moldings

    I see. Plasti dip seems pretty popular. Wonder about the durability with an automatic car wash? Anybody know how to remove the mirror caps and door handles?
  12. Long time lurker , first time poster. Like the title says, I'm wanting to get rid of the chrome trim. anybody have a part number for the piece under both windows? Don't know if it would be better to swap out the chrome bits: mirrors, handles, & window trim for oem pieces or just have them painted? Any help would be appreciated.

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