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  1. Thank you for the reply and advice! I sold my 2016 YukonXL, not in a hurry, but don’t know if I want to wait until 3.0l issue has been fixed. May end up getting 5.3l YukonXL AT4 instead.
  2. Hi there, so I am in a market for 2021 Suburban/Yukon XL and was considering the new 3.0L diesel engine that was introduced to Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/Escalade starting 2021. However, it is now on hold, and you cant order 2022. I came across few 2021 that I can get, but after reading this thread, not sure if I should opt out for gas engine. Has anyone here with Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/Escalade had this "crank wont start" issue? or is it mostly on pick-up trucks? Thank you!!!
  3. maz.syedali, did you get any info, have you tried to install the seat? I was looking to do the same on my 2016 Yukon XL SLT. Thank you!
  4. Hi Pgamboa, have you done a similar swap on 2016 Yukon XL SLT (or Suburban LT) ? Please message me if you can share some input. Thank you!
  5. Does anyone know if 2020 jump seat (front center seat) is interchangeable with 2016? I have a 2016 I wanted to install jump seat instead of console and I see that the new 2020 jump seat has a shoulder belt, old (2015-2019) version has only lap belt. Thank you!
  6. Just wanted to give an update on my 2016 Yukon XL 5.3L SLT 4WD (no sunroof, no magnetic ride, and no noise cancellation) *I believe Denali package with magnetic ride and noise cancellation has less booming as I test drove my friends 2015 Denali XL and it sounded much quieter, but he did have Michelin tires on 20" wheels* I had low speed booming noise that was bothering to my ears and slight buffeting that would get worse at times and come on and off depending on road surface and tire flat spots (i drive the car few times a week, not every day, sometimes once a week) I took it to GMC dealer and asked them about new exhaust and dampers but after their inspection they said that service tech added some weight to roof and stated that the noise was mostly gone and therefore got GM to approve to re-glue/re-attach my roof to roof bows under my certified warranty using PIT5318D I think there is a new procedure where special 2-tube glue mixture is used and it dries quick and forms into a thick compacted soft foam where it will not crack anymore. (because about 10mo ago when I asked Chevy dealer about roof fix they told me that by my VIN# my 2016 is not under the PIT#) While waiting on parts I also bought a 36sf package of dynamat at my own expense (sound deadening material that i wanted to install myself but didn't get to it) and asked the dealer to install it to the roof before attaching the roof bows to roof. (I offered to install it myself while they have the roof-line down but they went ahead and installed it at no additional cost) Now the Yukon drives much better and the roof is solid and when you close the door it barely moves and when you tap on it it feels solid. While at the dealer I test drove the new 2018 Yukon XL SLT 5.3L with sunroof and it had 18" wheels and Michelin tires and it did have about the same booming at low speeds, maybe slightly less, but that could have been to car being brand new and sunroof and Michelin tires. I asked dealer about shocks and bushings and was told mine were good and that there was updated for magnetic ride/higher end models. There is still booming at slightly rough roads at low speeds but it doesn't hurt my ears anymore as the tone of the sound is not that high as before... (before, because the roof was lose and of thin metal it was acting like an amplifier for the booming and increasing the noise) I still have original Goodyear tires and I can barley hear any buffeting even after the car is parked for a week. I know that Michelin will improve the ride even more. Few months ago I even thought to downgrade to older Yukon XL and test drove a 2012 Yukon XL SLT and it also had some booming, maybe slightly less but it had way more overall road noise. I was hoping for better improvement but I guess It is pretty normal for GM and many other SUVs/trucks to have some booming and I have heard that only hydraulic body mounts will improve it farther. (I had 2007 Navigator L in past before switching to my 2016 Yukon XL and it had less booming and I believe it has hydraulic body mounts and also independent rear suspension, but wind/tire noise was worse on it) I plan to eventually switch to Michelin tires and add some dynamat to floor under carpet just where the carpet comes off easily without taking too much apart, (i read it on another forum that someone did that fairly quick as most of the floor is easily accessed by just pulling the carpet off without disassembling anything, and that it improved on tire slap noise and overall noise) Hope that this helps others, and please share if any other repairs helped improve the ride. Thank you!
  7. I also wanted to ask if anyone installed dynamat, (to the floor and roof) to see if it helps with booming? Because it sounds like the booming noise is amplified due to thin metal of body. It's not cheap and will probably cost around $500 or so but I am debating weather to spend that money and also install Michelin tires and have a full size SUV that can be enjoyed driving. -I have a 2016 5.3L Yukon XL SLT, no mag ride, no noise cancellation system, and have the booming with my OEM Goodyear fuel max 18" tires (buffeting is sporadic and varies on road and probably flat spots from tires, and I know that Michelin tires will fix it) I test drove 2017 Ford Expedition EL, and even though it has independent rear suspension and supposed to be better ride, it didn't feel that it drove quieter/smoother. It did not have booming at same frequency as my Yukon XL but it was noisy at bumpy uneven pavement and it defiantly had more road/wind noise on HWY due to old body style from 2007. I am waiting to test drive the new redesigned 2018 Ford/Lincoln... but really would like to keep my Yukon XL if I can get rid of booming at low speeds. I know few owners said dampers worked for booming, and few said they didn't... But first I will try to get the dealer replace my exhaust and/or add dampers but not sure how they will go about it and the cost for it. (I bought it as certified pre-owned and it still has the 12mo/12kmi CPO warranty)
  8. Thank you! I will ask the dealer about dampers and/or new updated exhaust for my Yukon XL 5.3L
  9. I believe they all have booming, 2015-2017, to some people it is less noticeable. (Also, I would think that the longer body would have more booming due to more thinner metal on longer roof and cabin) Buffeting issue is mostly due to tires, good quality force balanced tires should eliminate the buffeting. I believe softer/quieter tires can help reduce booming slightly. So if you test drive them pay attention to what tire brand is on the car. Some owners reported that dampers helped booming and some said it didn’t... And looks like 2017 or 2018 have different exhausts compared to 2015-2016 from reading the posts... But not sure if only 6.2L or 5.3L and if both short and long body got new exhaust on 2017/2018? Anyone know for sure? I have a 2016 Yukon XL SLT 5.3L without magnetic ride suspension and without Bose noise cancellation. I have stock Goodyear fuel max tires. I have the booming noise at low speeds and slight buffeting at hwy speeds. I want to upgrade to Michelin LTX but not sure if it will make the ride much better or just a little... and the new set will cost around $900 and I am not sure if I want to put more money in it as I am debating to maybe trade out of it into Lincoln Navigator L. Anyone know if there are open tickets/procedures to get new exhaust for 2016 long version/XL 5.3L that I can point out and ask dealer for it? My wife and kids are not complaining but I am not enjoying the ride due to the low speed booming. The handling is very good, and it is very quiet from wind/outside road noise at hwy speeds, and the design and options are also very nice on these trucks. Thanks!
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