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  1. Awesome, thanks for this info. I had been on that site before but wasn't able to find the parts through search terms. Having the part numbers was super helpful. Got them all ordered along with your reverse conversion harness! Ready to get this swap done. The twins arrived Saturday the 2nd and should be coming home in the next few days, so we need the 6th seat soon! Thanks again pgamboa!
  2. Hi pgamboa, I know it's been a while since this post, but I've finally come across a tan leather seat on eBay and it just arrived today. My next step is to find the "ashtray" and trim piece you mentioned, but in the cocoa color if it exists. I am also going to order the harness you linked, but wanted to check if you have the other pieces to try to consolidate orders. Also, based on your pictures, I took it that the subwoofer was mounted in the floor, but after doing some more research I learned that it's a box within the console. Can you expand on what is in the photo of the trim piece near the gas pedal to the right, looks like a speaker. I guess I have to figure out a solution for relocating the sub. Maybe I can build a box to mount in place of the ashtray our something. Appreciate your help, you seem to really enjoy helping people with these topics.
  3. I am still looking to make a swap. I don't believe I've stated publicly, but I'm in South/Central PA.
  4. Hey Michigan, As far as I can tell, we could do a direct swap. It's very short notice, but they decided last night I need to visit a customer in Highland Park, MI. this week. I'm driving out Monday morning and staying maybe till Friday. If you're still interested in doing this, not necessarily this week, but anytime, let me know. We can get in contact directly to discuss details.
  5. As luck would have it I may be in Michigan in a week or 2, and possibly at various times in the next few months, for work. Pretty close to Detroit I think. I could talk them into letting me drive out rather than fly and possibly meet up with you to trade parts, if we decide to go through with this and everything works. And if your not real far from Detroit. We could get our parts out ahead of time and meet to trade. I'll look through the rest of the info posted and figure out everything I need to know and perhaps we can get in touch to discuss details sometime. Is your LTZ also 16-18? Also, thanks everyone else for the info, looks great!
  6. Looking for info on swapping out my LTZ center console for a jump seat. Family is growing and need to move the oldest to the front to make room in the back for twins. I came across a post doing the opposite swap, but nothing for going "backwards" as it seems kind of a downgrade, I suppose. I have a 2018 with dune/cocoa leather. The console is cocoa (brown), but I'm guessing the jump seat would be dune (tan). I'd prefer leather to match, but cloth would be acceptable if only that's available for tan or brown. Also wondering what I might have to change under the dash? I assume there would need to be a panel added to cover the hole left behind when removing the console. Perhaps a different harness to connect the new panel? Last thought is whether or not I'll have issues with the Bose sound system. I know the amp used to be mounted under the center console in Suburbans/Tahoes. Not sure if that's the case here. I'd be willing to consider a swap with someone looking to go the other direction. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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