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  1. I don’t have by pics yet. I’ve been at work from daylight until after dark so I haven’t been able to get any. Hopefully this weekend I can get some pics of it.
  2. I just had the 1.5” MotoFab installed on my 2020 AT4 with 295/60R20 Ridge Grapplers today. It looks great, no rubbing at all. I haven’t been able to look close but I don’t know that you could go any wider without risking rubbing the a arm.
  3. There was another thread on here a couple of weeks ago that I believe had all of the part numbers in it. I just bought a storage jump seat from Schram Auto Parts. They take new trucks and basically part them out. You may give them a call and see if they have a console. I got the jump seat or a fraction of the cost of a new one and it was from a truck that had 13 miles on it when they disassembled it.
  4. Also check Gwatney GMC in Little Rock, AR. They are right down the road from Everett and right now their prices are lower than Everett and Laura on the AT4 I am looking at. Not sure on the SLT pricing though.
  5. Thanks! I didn’t realize the wireless key transmitter was in the console. With the push button being on the dash I assumed it would be behind the dash. I know one member has already done this swap on his AT4, but it didn’t have Bose, nav, or wireless charging. So the key transmitter should be doable. I did price that option out but by the time I got prices on everything including the vinyl wrap and all it was really only going to save me a few thousand dollars and I wouldn’t have near the options on the truck. In order to keep a bench seat in a truck you pretty much can’t add any options to it.
  6. I thought about that. I figured i could come up with something after getting the truck and tearing into it, but just wasn’t sure if harnesses would be long enough. I’m really thinking that I can just move some things around out of the console and push them under the dash.
  7. I’ve tried searching and didn’t come up with an answer on this. I had asked this a while back as well but it was when the trucks were still new so I’m hoping someone has figured this out. I am looking to buy an AT4, but I am tossing around the idea of swapping the console out to a jump seat so the whole family(wife and 4 kids) can ride together in my truck. We actually go in my truck quite a bit and don’t really want to loose that capability. I know I can swap it out if I get a truck that does not have Bose, Navigation, or wireless charging as one of the members on here has done it, but I can’t find a truck like this on a lot. Every AT4 truck within 500 miles of here has at least the preferred package on it which adds these options. I am trying to avoid having to order a truck and try to juggle selling mine at just the right time when the new one arrives. Does anyone know if it will cause any issues if I remove the console with the Bose sub, navigation card, and wireless charging? I really can’t imagine that this would cause any issues but these trucks have so many electronics in them you never know. I know the navigation wouldn’t work but I always use CarPlay and use the nav on my phone anyway. And I would loose the bass from the sub, but as long as everything else works without throwing any alarms I can live with that. I can always add a sub under the back seat or something. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Like others have said the first thing to do is get a weight distribution hitch. I am also a big fan of the air bags when pulling a camper. My last truck was a 2009 Silverado Vortec Max with an 8” lift, 35s, and 4.88 gears. I pulled an 8000lb camper with it and the air bags did wonders. You can get adapters for the lifted suspension. My setup was an Air Lift setup and they sell adapters got lifted trucks.
  9. Check out Everett GMC in Bryant, AR. They deliver vehicles all over the country and have good prices as well.
  10. It wasn’t a 2019 but I had the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 bags on my last truck. It had an 8” lift and Air Lift makes a spacer kit that I installed with the bags. I towed a 9k lb camper with mane and they did great. I would highly recommend the Air Lift setup.
  11. I had a 2009 vortex max 6.0, same exact truck except the year model, that I bought brand new and just sold earlier this year. It only had 82k miles on it when I sold it but more than half it’s like was spent with an 8” lift, 35s, 4.88 gears, and a custom tune by Blackbear Performance. I also towed a 9k lb camper for roughly 3-4K of those miles. The only things I had to do in the 10 years I had it were replace the battery, replace the front wheel bearing(most likely due to the 35” mud tires on 10” wide offset wheels), and I replace the oil pressure sensor a few months before I sold it. So I was very pleased with the one I had.
  12. I’ve run the Nitto Trail Grapplers and the Nitto Ridge Grapplers and have nothing but good things to say about both of them. They balance very easily and I’ve gotten a lot of miles out of them. The Trail Grappler is a mud terrain so they do have a hum to them, but the Ridge Grapplers an all terrain and are very quiet. And the Ridge Grappler has the same sidewalk as the Trail Grappler. So based on your request for a good all terrain that looks like a mud tire, the Ridge Grappler would be the best tire in my opinion.
  13. Anyone know the latest on the release date when they will actually start building the diesel trucks?
  14. What bed cover do you have? No leaks around any of the seals on it either?
  15. Thanks for the info thus far. I’ve got a great dealer and salesman. I’ve bought several vehicles from them and they’ve been great and had much better pricing than anywhere else I can find. This is just the first time I’ve ordered one so I’m not familiar with the process and what to expect.
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