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  1. So what’s the best kit to run I also was checking out ready lifts 4in system too
  2. anyone on here run a Motofab 3in level kit? Would like to know if it’s a good kit to get will be a 33 on 12 wides
  3. I live in north Georgia I have a flip seat if you wanna swap out of an lt Silverado
  4. That I’m not sure on from what I’ve read everything just connects over though
  5. Yeah I gave up On the bid for that one who ever keeps biding is crazy cause you can get a brand new one for $900 and that’s with wireless charging that one doesn’t have that
  6. I have a jump seat for an lt Silverado so if any of y’all decide to remove the center console let me know and we can work out a deal
  7. Are you using factory studs with the spacers?
  8. I got a mcgaughys lift for the truck coming in and I was curious if anyone here runs American force 12 wides? cause I’m trying to figure out if I need to run spacers to clear the caliper and if so what’s the best size and brand
  9. Everybody doing the console swap from seat, where are y’all buying your consoles?
  10. Was curious if anyone runs a mcgaughys lift on the new trucks I had one on my 2017 and looking to get another one for my 19 just curious how the quality is or if there’s a better lift for these trucks?
  11. Curious if anyone’s knows how the bottom of the mirror mine has a crack in from I guess a rock and I’m trying to find a new one but can’t do you have to buy a whole new mirror assembly?
  12. the bottom cover on my mirror broke, I’ve checked online I see you can get the chrome cover but where can I get the bottom cover for it or do you have to get a whole mirror assembly?
  13. Well I just bought a new 2019 lt and I’m looking to sell the storage jump seat and swap for a center console and get part numbers for the console, any help is appreciated!
  14. If you get white I’ll be interested in a set and also door handles if you could get ahold of those
  15. I know this is old but I’m wanting to swap mine to black also would you have a part number on those or where did you get them?
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