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  1. Hill descent control is useless. I used it once in my jeep and it sucked. And now i have it in a truck? A vehicle not designed for off roading, unless a gravel road and farm trail is considered off road. Trucks are for hauling, not descending 35 degree slopes
  2. Thats not good. Were you working the truck hard when that happened? i wonder if maybe it was never torqued down properly
  3. I want to keep this truck for the long run. I dont take my truck off road but i want the best for it, and of course things change. So you never know. . Ive narrowed down to a BDS 6.5 lift or a cognito 7 inch lift. The price difference with labour and install is roughly 1500-2000 difference. does anyone have experience with either of these lifts? Theyre both said to be one of the best in the market.
  4. Nothing, it clear everything aside from a tiny bit on the fender liner sometimes.
  5. Installed 37x12.50s with the tosion keys turned up 9 turns. Rides super nice and barely any rubbing. Removed front valance
  6. Always get it checked when messing with suspension components. NEVER get a dealership to do your alignment. Dealerships always do terrible alignments. Find an alignment shop. Ive always had dealerships tell me my alignments “within spec” when i have issues. Then i go to a shop with REAL mechanics and get my issues fixed, and they show me exactly how far off the alignment was.
  7. Goodluck, hope all is well! thats the problem with a lot of these questions is that people really only give their opinion on what fits. I always say tire fitment is very deceiving. You can stuff a lot more tire in a wheel well than everyone thinks, as long as youre willing to do a little plastic trimming, anything within reason can fit!
  8. Are you willing to so some trimming? Because -18 would work. Go to the gallery on customoffsets website and theres plenty of 2020+ trucks running the setups youre looking for.
  9. Damn i like the chrome wheels they’re perfect! Do you ever have issues seeing cars on your passenger front side? My biggest worry is if i go too big and make the truck too hard to drive.
  10. I dont have a level kit. Right now i just have my keys turned up 9 turns. I know im going to have to trim for the 37s, depending on how much will be the difference between leveling kit or not. i kinda want to just go straight to a lift kit but i havent made up my mind what size lift i want yet.
  11. Thats the thing. I may buy a 25-30ft bumper pull for my job some day….MAYBE. Other than that my truck mostly sits at home but occasionally ill drive it to wherever im working. im suprised how tall it sits. My last truck, 2018 1500 had 8 inch lift and 37s and it was 84 inches tall. This truck is leveled with the stock 34s and sits roughly 82 inches. Im thinkin the 37s will put it to the same height as my old truck. Thats insane. But still not big enough for my redneck taste.
  12. Nice choice! Looks exactly the same as my truck. At first i didnt like the cloth seats but after sitting in my bosses denali, im not so sure i want to get them changed out to leather. one issue i have is that theres no level/lift kits out for 2022 model yet. But im being told that 20-22 are all the same so i can go ahead and order a 2021 level kit. I have a set of 37x12.50s sitting at home. When i get back im putting them on asap. All i did was turn the keys 9 turns and get alignment. how did you like the ceramic tint? Ive always had dye tint because no one in my city offered it. Is it a huge step up from dye tint?
  13. Resale would be better for a 2500. When you eventually do tow, youll be glad you have a 2500. I mean seriously why buy less truck when you can have more? And everyone buys a half ton so i wouldnt even bother, half ton sales suck. Super easy decision. pick the 2500.
  14. i finally bought the dream truck. 2022 Diesel 1 ton. I currently have the torsion keys turned up and 37s are on their way. This is only temporary until i figure out what i want to do for the long run. i was thinking of the bds 6.5 inch lift with 38s. Though im afraid itll be too small. Is a lifted truck worth it? Any reasons id regret it? And is there a point where the truck isnt driveable?
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