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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-2020-New-Gen-Sierra-GM-Fog-Lamp-Light-Kit-84822219-WITH-TASK-LIGHTING-OEM-/153220220859.
  2. No problem. Rides real nice. I hated the ride with the stock 20s it smooth and planted. Well worth it
  3. I have done it with the baja kit UCAs I have a total of 10 turns on the front coilovers for a total of 3.25" of lift and last gens rear blocks. It's a sierra slt x31
  4. Bedrug = badass. Iv had them and love them. Easy on the knees and resly though and durable
  5. My truck sitting on 315/70/17 BFG KO2s. I have king coilovers up fron with about a 3.5" and a 1" block in rear. Only had to trim plastic mud flap and remove mudflap braket.
  6. The seal is pefrect on the back revolver. I installed the spacer between the bed rail and the tonneau cover mounting rail
  7. Just to give everyone a heads up. I installed a bak revolver x4 from a 2017 silverado ccsb on my 2019 sierra with the multi pro tailgate also a ccsb yesterday. The only mod I did was install a 1'x1/8"x4 long aluminum shim between the rails and the bed. Fits perfect now. Cant even see the spacer.
  8. Baja kits sells everything you need. Also 4 wheel parts has good prices and can install. My setup was around 3500 I installed my self.
  9. Thank you. No no adjusters. I had them in my 2017 and never adjusted them. So saved 400+- for something else
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