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  1. Build date was suppose to be FEB 10,called the dealer and they could not give me any updates on my order,how sad.
  2. Congrats,that is one fine looking beast,enjoy.
  3. Congrats,that is one sweeeeeeet ride,can't wait for mine to arrive.
  4. Thanks for posting and doing all the testing for us, much appreciated.
  5. Thank you,will be ordering and installing when my 2020 DENALI 1500 CARBON PRO arrives in MARCH.
  6. Looks good but what about the hole to the left?Can that be plugged?
  7. Thanks for trying and letting us know,keep us posted.
  8. Hope it all works out for you,good luck and keep us posted.
  9. Ordered a 2020 DENALI CARBON PRO 1500 and dealer said can't get the auxiliary trailer camera option cause of the technology package .This is crazy,you would think because of the technology package you can get the trailer camera option.
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