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  1. Anyone order or driving the 2020 model yet?
  2. My 2014 sierra 5.3l engine light came on with a P2097 code,runs ok, anyone had this code before and what was the fault?No mods just a K&N air filter,thanks all.
  3. The prices are insane here,just priced a 19 denali from city buick,$90,000.00+taxes,can buy a condo in florida and rent it out for that price.
  4. I really miss that feature,still have the unit from my 2007 denali,i guess nobody installed one????
  5. Not sure if this topic was discussed before but anyone installed heated washer fluid system in a 2014 and up sierra/silverado?
  6. Starter problem,mine did the same thing,complained 3 times before before i told the service manager on the last visit that iam not taking the truck back until its fixed.
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