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  1. I'd say lift and accessories are exactly what a build thread represents.
  2. Hell yeah, super nice! I really wish they would add a provision to slide in the camera tray from my factory mirrors, I really enjoy the 360 view and trailer lane change function.
  3. Nice! I have had good luck with that style flap in the past. Not sure about the front "flap on flap" look, though.
  4. Nice! I took no chances and removed the headliner/spoiler and did the external sealing after my new glass was installed. I do not want to deal with this over the winter.
  5. The Trailboss/AT4 Rancho shocks are adequate, but not great. I find them to be well under dampened for the application.
  6. Update on my leak: rear glass replaced, then I went ahead and sealed the top of the glass using the product and following the sticky in this subforum. When I removed the roof spoiler I found that there were only x2 foam seals and nothing else (spoiler had clearly been off at some point), it didn't seem to show any signs of leakage up there, however. The next day there was heavy rain and I let the truck sit out there for a few hours, no leak as of yet. Hope this solved it for good!
  7. When I had mine done it didn't take any effort to get a window replacement versus the seam sealer fix. The determining variable, I believe, is that I was able to point out a crack in the plastic window frame. Look at yours and see if you can find one! **After reading more, I think you will be good for a replacement based on it being their second attempt. The TSB does mention first is sealer, second replacement. Disregard my above, my scenario was different than yours.
  8. Alright. My new window is in. No leaks yet but I ordered all of the stuff in the OP to do the seal as an extra precaution. I don’t want this leak coming back!
  9. I'm in the same boat, warranty has 4k more miles (though I do have an extended warranty, I am not sure it covers stuff like window leaks). Had my window replaced yesterday and a front shock assembly a couple weeks before. If your window frame is not cracked, you may be better off following the tutorial on here for how to seal the window. Probably last longer.
  10. Fix it for sure. I'm OCD, though. I have dents fixed as they come and am always working to keep things looking tip top.
  11. I hear you on that. I hope that is a good sign that the repairs that have been completed, and that I will now experience, are working well!
  12. Jokes on you! I just posted about my window leak today! Where’s that damned sad face.
  13. I may go this route after the dealer (hopefully) replaces my rear window. Its got a mean crack in the frame. Would you guys even attempt this repair given the crack?
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