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  1. I had one of these installed on my AT4. You can feel the little bubble push in when you hit each number other than the #8 which I thought was weird. I had the dealership order a new one for me and it arrived the same way. Anyone else with one got this same issue?? Other than that issue it has worked great.
  2. Standard bed and color matched fenders on 1500 AT4 are the only real things different than what can already find on most any lot.
  3. Hopefully you can explain your reasoning for thinking or knowing this. I ordered a 1500 AT4 with a standard bed Dec 10th. Truck was built end of January and sat entire month of February. Nobody can give me a idea of when truck will be shipped other than its bayed and awaiting shipment.
  4. Wonder what made me the lucky one who’s truck was built in Mexico and taking forever? what determines where they are built?
  5. Crazy. I ordered December 10th. I’m in Florida and truck is coming from Mexico. I had event code 4150 on February 1st. It actually could’ve been sooner than that, but that’s the first time we started looking. Standard bed, and painted moldings or I would’ve just bought one off a lot somewhere. What truck did you order Fishlessam?
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