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  1. Would you provide a little more information about how your truck was optioned? Did you get the hd surround cameras used with towing or did you just order the bed cam as a single RPO? My Sierra, which was built Oct 2020, had the tow package and it came with all the cameras. I didn't spec it, just lucky to find it at a local dealer.
  2. Just as a FYI, I also have a Pinnacle on order. When I discussed the disc brake option, my dealer pushed me away from it. Their explanation was that since I'm on the East coast, I probably would not need them. You being located in the West with more challenging terrain, I can see the need. Have you tried contacting Jayco direct? I have found their support staff knowledgable and very responsive the few times I reached out. You may not be the first to ask that question of them. Good luck. PS, tried to PM you, but the system would not let me. MC
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