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  1. Hey all, I am rolling in a 2018 Silverado 1500 reg cab short bed. I just pulled out my rear lift blocks and installed Hellwig front and rear sway bars. Highly recommend! Truck handles so much better. Stays planted when bumps occur on the highway at higher speeds. Way better steering response and way less body roll. I can’t say enough it’s like driving a different truck!
  2. Great build man, very informative. I don’t understand why all these kits or manifolds I see put the turbo where they do. The need to push it further into the front corner of the engine compartment. Create some separation for the heat. Armageddon did it right but I am not paying that. I will be welding my own together and I don’t think twins are necessary at all. Thank you for posting this learning a lot reading your stuff.
  3. I am awaiting a turbo kit release from Huron Speed with Comp oilless turbos. She is going down on a 2-4” kit. It is my daily and I can’t go too low. I want a little rake. Gonna change to coil overs up front. I will probably start building a separate forged motor at some point. Probably gonna stay with 20” rims seems like better tire options and she will need traction. Hellwig front and and rear sway bars are ordered. Chevy performance front brakes incoming. Scheduled for ceramic coating. Deciding on some different looks and things at the moment before ceramic coating. I was told nothing stick to the coating so it need all that worked out before my appointment. I wont install some things till spring as I have to deal with winter here. I am very disappointed Chevy discontinued this truck in the U.S. I had 2020 F150 ordered but decided to get this instead. It had to be the right one. I searched hard. This truck is clean as they come.
  4. First post. 2018 Just got it. Had to drive 3 hours away for it. She gonna be a bad bitch when I get done with her. Will start a build thread.
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