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  1. What is the consensus of what most are doing to “keep up with” or treat theyre frames. Is the Lanolin fluid film or wool wax right over the existing wax coating the way to go and just deal with what it does the wax. I’ve had my 18 silverado 2 years now and want to do something. From what I gather we could imagine the wax coating as not even being there and treat accordingly?
  2. Any updates on this thinking about taking my truck in for the TSB....
  3. Could you expand , whatvwas it doing before and what have you noticed since the tune
  4. Has anyone tried the new flush yet and noticed any differences?
  5. Hey guys just pulled the trigger and took delivery on an 18 silver ice Redline. Hope to keep this truck for the next 15 years! Took the rebate and did GM finance and will be refinancing our local credit union. Don’t care about dealer kickback so will be doing ASAP but I’m hearing there could be an issue with the title getting lost on way from DMV to Lean holder. Is that possible or just a typical sales pitch?
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