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    Cleveland, OK
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    Mods:  AMP Power Steps, OEM garage door opener, Cadillac engine cover, hard wired  radar detector and dash cam, DL3 mirrors with Phil Gamboa harness, and frame hole covers.

    Other GM Products:
    2017 Suburban Premier - wife’s vehicle 
    1994 Silverado Extended Cab -  owned for 25 years, oldest son drives it now.
    1974 Chevrolet Pickup Camper Special - my first vehicle and Chevy truck!
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    2018 Silverado LT

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  1. Lol, yeah I live less than 150 yards from my job, so walk most days.?
  2. This happened today. Have owned the truck for 2 years this month. Enjoy driving it every time I get in it!
  3. Cleaned her inside and out today. Bought her brand new 14 months ago. Have installed Amp Power Steps, oem dl3 mirrors with help from Phil Gamboa’s harness, center console with Homelink, radar detector, and a dash cam. My old 94 extended cab is in the back ground. Have owned her for 24 years. My oldest son currently drives her.
  4. Hit 5000 miles exactly 6 months since I bought the truck.
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