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  1. Your original comment stated body color mirror caps. That's not the case. It's my understanding that some optional packages if installed on the AT4 call for the chrome mirror caps
  2. Nope. AT4s come from the factory with Chrome caps and some optional packages call for black mirror caps which are changed at the dealer upon delivery.
  3. It is removable, with a little effort, but there's holes in the fender where it clips on. I haven't found an overlay yet
  4. Nope. I now have the 805.1 update and still just get hitch view while driving forward.
  5. The manual states high octane gas. What's the difference in running a bottle of octane booster on top of a tank of 87 octane? Difference at the pump is ~$12 per tank and a bottle of octane boost to treat a tank is less than $6. Thoughts?
  6. $97 shipped USPS priority. They're Mobiletron, direct fit for OE# 13516165 and 13598787
  7. Here's the email I sent to [email protected] Two days later I received a phone call stating the app was put back on my truck. I don't remember the name of the lady who called me back. Good luck guys! Hello. I recently purchased a 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 and traded in a 2016 Silverado Z71 which I also purchased new. I'm shocked and very disappointed that the one feature of my 2016 I used the most, the messaging app, is not included on my new GMC. I relied heavily on this app as I communicate with my employees via text and having my incoming texts read aloud and the ability to respond by voice using my android google assistant was the one feature I used the most. I'm writing this email to request it be added back to my truck. My VIN is XXXXX I know this can be done as numerous people on gm-trucks.com forum has been discussing the app being added on a per request basis. I understand I can use android auto but that requires my phone to be tethered and that does not work for me as I'm in and out of my vehicle a lot. Thanks in advance and I look forward to my request being fulfilled.
  8. My truck was built 6/24/19 and I got it by sending an email...took 2 days after sending the email Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. I have 4 new 433 sensors I can't use. I bought them before I realized my wheels off my 16 Silverado will not fit my 19 Sierra. I paid $83 and haven't opened the box. Anyone interested?
  10. IF that truck has the larger calipers the only way the back of the wheel will clear them is to go with a 0 offset and 3/8" spacers. A 33 tire should clear everything. I know a 35 will not.
  11. I tried getting under it with the edge of a razor knife and the way the black piece is molded around the edge where the 6.2L plate sits in there (recessed) I wasn't having any luck getting behind it and didn't want to mar up the black, so I gave up
  12. Yep. My idea for custom badges went out the window. I wanted to keep the bezel and remove the black piece to have a new badge made and insert it back into the bezel piece. I don't want to have to buy a new one if I can't get them apart the way I need to. Just by looking at it I'm not convinced all the tabs will stay on the backing once one takes a dremel to all the plastic welds to try to separate the pieces.
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