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  1. Similarly, any know if the bed view camera is still useable with a bed cap/camper shell?
  2. If you have front parking sensors and no front camera when you get into the red (close distance) in front sensing it triggers the rear cam for whatever reason. You can see how close to the front you are on the Driver Information Center.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I’ll probably never use the inside trailer view. Kinda strange it has the front parking sensors switch the rear cam on and not have a provision somewhere to add the front camera. Be nice of some one is able to come up with a lockpic type set up like they have for older vehicles.
  4. You maybe the person to ask, as you sound like you have experience with all things cams. I, like you have an RST with the trailer camera provisions and a bed cam. I also have front parking sensors and when it goes into the red it triggers my back up camera. It’s almost like if I had the front camera it would trigger it. Any way to add a front camera to my current set up that you know of? Thanks and awesome job on the swap.
  5. Just a guess but the cap to the front of the seat tracks.
  6. Same as mine except it came with the felt style organizer that has a bunch of wasted space. Doubt you’ll have to cut anything as mine sat on top of that liner. I’m guessing they’ll be holes for the jack and tools to be stored inside the new box. Remove those. Install the box and the jack mount bolts will help hold the box in place. Just a guess tho.
  7. Do you have the crappy stock storage? I did and removed it. It was installed on top of the factory installed floor liners. There was one screw near the drivers side and the rest were for the jack on the other side. Best thing I ever did was remove it. Then reinstalled the Jack/tools. It should go right on top like the crappy one did.
  8. I came out of the supercrew 6 foot bed 4x4 ecoboost. It only ever got 14-15 mpg. Have had the same truck in the RST 3.0 for about 2 weeks and averaging 29’ish highway. Once this we get back to normal I’ll be driving 2k miles a month. If diesel costs .50 a gallon more than regular (right now it’s only .05 cents more) I’ll still save a 165’isg dollars a month on fuel. I’m driving a nicer newer truck. No it’s not a Prius but I didn’t want a third vehicle that’d I’d have to maintain and register. Obviously it’s not gonna “pay for it self”. I like the choice I made. Oh yeah. First post. Woot!!
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