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  1. I messed mine up in a way different way than you most likely. We have not torn it down yet but we are thinking it is a clutch pack. No codes, I never looked anyways. I just put the truck in my shop and walked away from it.
  2. Posted in the wrong sub-forum Check out speed engineering for headers and BlackBear for tuning. BlackBear does it remote and sends you a device.
  3. Rebuilding the trans ain't so bad. Youtube engineer it and you can probably do it. I blew my 3-4 up as well so I am in the same boat right now.
  4. So how do you think the factory puts the muffler on? You think they just magically cast it together or....? Not to be a nuisance but that means either a) the welds are trash or b) you didn't take care of it. Most likely a
  5. Regret when you just spent $$$ on a system you don't like and then do it all over again. Best practice is just weld a different muffler in imo
  6. Yeah I know they are, they still look retarded and my opinion doesn't change.
  7. If it makes you feel any better my girlfriend's 2017 Toyota Corolla genuinely has the worst paint of any car I've ever come across. The clear coat has already disintegrated in one weird strange spot by the door and all over the car are big chips out of the paint. I really don't know how that happened but it is just awful
  8. Pinched tips are extremely homo Do the rolled, slashed just looks gay
  9. K2XX is 2014-2018 T1XX is 2019-Now They were just refreshed the body style and stuff is the same.
  10. Looks like some sort of microphone or after market part for sure
  11. You can purchase stainless steel line kits and they come with the exact size and length
  12. Cheaper to build one wire harness than it is to build 8 different variations.
  13. Idk about the 1500HD part or extended cab, even though I own one, but yes haha
  14. @M1ck3ypretty sure you need a cracked tcm and some credits. I can't remember
  15. How would doing a c-notch affect drive train lol? You may need to do a shim for pinion angle with any lowering kit. Some do some don't
  16. It says coming soon on the site so I am not sure. I think belltech has a 2/4 already but I am not sure.
  17. I believe that they are clear coated over the chrome if I remember correctly but they may just be straight chrome
  18. McGaughy's kit I know I'm a big advert for McGaughy's but I have found them to be some of the best kits. Belltech is good too but McGaughy's has great customer support on top of their stuff
  19. Maybe I have been lucky to only have quiet tires but I don't know what loud tires mean lmao
  20. I have never used helper bags so no help there. Also I meant to add to your original post, people get vibration with kits because they are too dumb to change their pinion angle. That is their own fault.
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