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  1. I just about always let semis in unless it means hell for me for the next 10 minutes lol Flashing in the left lane still works but it is awful when the person you flash is one of the "speed up and down all the time" crowd and they decide that they are going to try and fight you lol
  2. Why wouldn't they just continue with their 2.7?
  3. No exhaust will void warranty unless proven by the dealer, which will never happen, you are legally protected by Magnuson-Moss.
  4. Obviously newdude is talking about left lane campers in a 4 or 6 lane. Don't play the fool here. In a 2 lane we understand how it works.
  5. Nobody lowers their AT4 because at that point you might as well buy another trim lmao
  6. If you had read it you would have known that it really wasn't a dig at people who go under or don't go the speed limit. In fact there was not a single word in there about people driving under the speed limit. But if you want to get personally offended that is okay too. Not my thread lol but that was cringe
  7. Other than the trans give me 3. Suspension is fine unless you are on 35s doing boosted 4x4 launches. Rear end is good for quite a bit of power. @Grumpy BearDisagree heavily with that one. It is so easy to put on a supercharger, without gapping rings, and moving on out with no issues.
  8. I am unsure. It may be relatively simple but I could not tell you.
  9. I don't think I could really pick a refreshed GMC or Silverado out from a crowd of trucks. I do know I have seen 2 or 3 RCSB refreshes but that's about it
  10. Not all 8.1s came with an Allison. The did come with a 4L80 as well. The Allison has it's own TCM, trying to tie that into the PCM may be tricky
  11. Shock relocation isn't really needed unless you want it. The geometry never changes as you go lower.
  12. Just do the head repair. I will personally find you an 862 head to use.
  13. I sold my 5.3 with 225k on it, no oil leaks and ran like a top, for $450(?) I think about a year ago.
  14. You would only need to do that if it came with an Allison. Also I don't think the original engine harness works with an LS. The 8.1 is not an LS and therefore has different connectors.
  15. I hate in laws. The only damage my truck has on it is from my girlfriend scratching the side. Hence nobody but me drives the truck. Not exactly the same but similar lol
  16. Don't buy from O'Reilly they normally mark that thing up to high heaven. Other stuff is fine but things like headlights may be a bit expensive
  17. @OldGuardThat is amazing fitment. Those look ****** dude
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